Bold, lambent, and full of energy, Love Mimosa, which you will find at WORLD Beauty is a charming tribute to visionary women the world over. Inspired by the grace, courage, and resilience of histories most powerful feminine icons Love Mimosa’s beautiful scent carries with it a touching sense of consideration.

Part of this niche brand’s Secret Garden Collection, this unique fragrance opens with a vibrant floral burst and finishes with a soft velvety aroma, representative of its Mimosa flower. Its top notes are Violet Leaf, Cascalone, and Iris. Its heart is Mimosa, Pear and Paradisone and its base is ylang-ylang, Ambrox, and Heliotrope. These dazzling notes immediately inspire the feel of a day at the polo, a garden party or wedding!

Spectacularly presented in a ‘Mimosa’ yellow, the bottle alone is a work of art. This Eau de Parfum is not unlike the women it represents, complex, with more than meets the eye. It deserves some time for its many layers to unfold. Love Mimosa is the ideal gift for the modern woman, available in 100ml RRP $515 NZ Stockist: Amouage Love Mimosa (November 2019 launch) 

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