Introducing Stacey Banfield one of New Zealand’s most experienced and recognised makeup artists within the wedding industry. We are delighted to have Stacy regularly contributing to Together Journal on all things beauty. Stacey has a holistic approach to beauty and believes in working on and in investing your health and skin and leading a happy and healthy life for the very best beauty results. For our first beauty and wellness feature with Stacey, we are talking about our favourite serums. Rather than overwhelm you with a high number of serums (there are so many on the market!) we are starting off with four of our favourite products which both Stacey and members of the Together Journal team have used extensively and can truly give an authentic and favourable review on.

Pro-tip’s from Stacey: Prepping your skin for your special day is more important than some may think. Whether you have current skin concerns or none at all – hydrated skin is healthy skin which is overall the key to how your makeup will sit and wear for the entirety of the day. Your skin isn’t something that will miraculously change overnight; it truly is a work in progress so I would start your prep at least 12 months out if that’s possible for you. 

Serums are a product that are often underestimated, however they are one of the most effective ways to get fast results and are definitely worth every cent. It’s important to note that often serums are more expensive than your general moisturiser because of the way they are made. They are designed with smaller molecules therefore they can get deeper into the layers of the skin being faster at absorbing, which then allows them to target specific skin concerns like aging with the high concentration of ingredients. Overall they are likely going to be more effective than any other skincare product in your routine. 

Staceys + Together Journal’s Serum Picks below that work wonders!

Emma Lewisham Skin reset serum – Fantastic for someone looking to even out their skin tone whilst also hydrating the skin. It is New Zealand made and made from natural ingredients. Emma Lewisham also offers to recycle and refill when you have finished with the product. And they are also taking bottles from other brands to recycle which is a world-first initiative. This serum has a delightfully soft floral fragrance and can be used day and night. Our TJ editor Greta has been testing this serum for three months is also a big fan, she has noticed a reduction in pigmentation since using the serum and is planning to continue using this clever and ethical New Zealand product.

Lancome Advanced Genefique – Enriched with millions of probiotic fractions, including Yeast-& Bifidus-Extracts, it helps to strengthen your skin’s barrier and improve your skin’s texture, radiance, elasticity and firmness.  This is a fantastic serum for all skin types, its fast absorbency makes it a beautiful base for makeup to sit on too. Stacey has used this herself and has recommended it to many clients where she has seen consistently positive results.

Estee Lauder Advanced night repair With a big focus on anti-ageing this product is well known for a reason. Targeted for use in the evenings when your skin is in rest mode to make the most of the skins natural nighttime renewal. This little bottle of magic is also a favourite for the team at Together Journal. Our editor Greta gas been using it now for over three years most nights and its a favourite go-to serum.

Drunk Elephant Glycolic Night Serum – It is a gentle blend of glycolic acid, as well as other AHAs like lactic and tartaric acids. It combats acne with the help of BHA, and keeps the skin soft, supple, and smooth with the help of hydrating ingredients. Remember when using a Glycolic to ensure you are doing so safely but gentle introducing it to your routine. Another fantastic night serum with Glycolic is the YSL Night Reboot.  

So there we have it, the scoop from one of the best in the industry Stacey Banfield.

Stacey has been a makeup artist for over ten years and has worked for brands like Chanel, Smashbox Cosmetics and MAC Cosmetics, Stacey is now self-employed and runs her own freelance makeup artistry company where she works in the wedding sector as well as the commercial sector and has a team of talented artists working for her too.

After feeling there was a gap in the market for honest feedback and product comparisons online in the beauty industry Stacey launched her own blog to test, review and provide relevant and quality feedback to the market. Not only does Stacey test and review the products she writes about herself, but she is constantly using them on her clients, getting a broad range of feedback from many different people and across a variety of skin types.

Stacey works nationwide across New Zealand and loves nothing more than preparing brides for their special day. And she is also a regular beauty contributor and beauty consultant to Together Journal.

See Staceys directory listing here too.

Portrait images of Stacey by Sophie Isabella + Beauty product images by Greta Kenyon

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