I love the nuances of garden and outdoor grown flowers. Their subtle colour differences, tones and individual shape sing out above the very ordered more commercial grown flowers.


Choosing and gathering these treasures always seems to tell the story of the season too, whether it’s blousy and summery or a delicate, smaller winter bloom you can be sure that nature will have something to say through flowers.

In all my work I love the chance to celebrate each season through texture, structure and colour and most of all in autumn with rich, deep shades of gold and rust.

In this bouquet I have used the last of summer dahlias, foxgloves and ammi,  with a seasonal statement of gold amaranths. You will see the latte coloured Julia roses, which are very of the moment and mixed in are little spent heads of scabiosa, for an autumnal touch.  I have also included a few new found favourites of recent years, rusty brown ‘Summerina Echibeckia’ and believe it or not zesty lime zinnias, isn’t it funny how our tastes can change?

Words & Flora by Yvette Edwards / Photography by Greta Kenyon

Collage FS0160