Since Boucheron became the first jewellery house to move to Place Vendôme in 1893, it has continuously elevated its creations throughout the world. These two new fragrances ORANGE de bahia + PATCHOULI d’angkor, are no exception.

The Boucheron fragrance collection draws inspiration from the journeys and discoveries of the Boucheron gem hunters. From the steep shores of Sicily to the sands of Egypt, the oases of the Persian Plateau to the luxuriant tropical vegetation of the Indian Ocean islands, the gemstone explorers have brought back much more than precious stones from their distant expeditions: memories brimming with emotions, lights and scents.

The Boucheron collection of fragrances with their exotic and luxurious notes aim to capture the extraordinary tradition of the Boucheron gem hunters.

ORANGE de bahia is a fresh floral citrus scent with coconut milk, rose, and fig leaf blending at the centre. Composed by Michel Girard from Givaudan, it continues with a woody accord of white cedar and amber, with a cottony musk binding together the contrasting notes of this fragrance. Bright yet sensual, fresh yet enveloping.

“This perfume was inspired by my love of citrus fruits, unique raw materials that have as many facets as a precious stone.”  Michel Girard, Givaudan.

PATCHOULI d’angkor is a musky floral scent with citrus top notes of sharp bergamot, the sensual radiance of jasmine, and sweet crispness of pear. Created by Nathalie Lorson from Firmenich, the heart of this perfume highlights patchouli essence. The smouldering scent is infused through bourbon pepper and amplified by aromas of guaiac wood carried by white musks.

“Those temples interlaced with thousand-year-old trees, their giant, airy roots that plunge into the earth, an invasive wilderness that is also serene and protective: that is the emotion that inspired me to compose this fragrance.”  Nathalie Lorson, Firmenich

The ORANGE de bahia is perfect for summertime days events but still seductive enough ti take you through to night, It would also be wonderful as a holiday scent when travelling to warmer destinations.

The PATCHOULI d’angkor is intoxicating and perfect for those who like their fragrances a little more on the exotic side. It would suit any occasion and is bound to pique the interest of many.

Boucheron Collection Orange de Bahia and Patchouli d’Angkor are available at Smith & Caughey’s.

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