The Dressing Room

WebDR4   #1 Hair: Soft, modern beehive, finished in a perfectly messy ponytail. Beauty: A wash of smoky rose eyeshadow, graphic black cat eye liner, a sweep of rosy blush under the cheekbone and a rich, bright red lip. Staple + Cloth robe, RUBY playsuit
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Categories: Inspiration-Floral Workshop: Shaye Woolford

Floral Workshop: Shaye Woolford

1N1A8740 Hosting intimate events and teaching others is not something new for Shaye Woolford, having been a long time partner of Kinfolk magazine co-running workshops and dinners on behalf. Recently, Shaye has introduced another facet to her business - inspirational workshops at her shared studio in Tauranga. Studio 145 is a collaborative workspace, which Shaye shares with photographers and event managers. Given its central city location, it's the perfect spot for her workshops. Shaye hosted her first workshop last Sunday - Flower Potluck.
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