Deadly Ponies declares blue the colour of the season with SS20 launch

The late French artist, Yves Klein, changed the face of European art with the creation of ‘International Klein Blue’.

Formulated in collaboration with Parisian art supplier, Edouard Adam, the duo found a way to retain the hue’s brilliance no matter how it was displayed.

Pushing the blur between fashion and art, Deadly Ponies, run by design duo Liam Bowden and Steve Boyd, sought inspiration from the world-renowned colour for their spring/summer 2020 collection.

In particular, Yves Klein’s famed Anthropometry series featured heavily on the Auckland-based label’s mood board.

Taking the shade to new visual heights, Klein moved away from the traditional brush-to-canvas approach in the early 1960s and began to experiment with application.

Deadly Ponies

Changing the way we consume art, he invited audiences to watch Anthropometries as live performances where female models acted as “living brushes”.

Their naked bodies smothered in Klein’s patented blue paint, the young women would sprawl across large canvases under his direction. The result? Haunting silhouettes which earned a spot in the history books.

Deadly Ponies

This extraordinary practice is reflected in Deadly Ponies’ latest launch.

Created from the brand’s hero hue, azure, each accessory pays homage to Klein’s famous words: “Blue has no dimensions, it is beyond dimensions.”

The brand’s classic shapes have been reimagined for the new season in striking python and croc print – a quickfire way to up the fashion ante in one fell bag-over-shoulder swoop.

The second half of spring/summer 2020 also welcomes new silhouettes. Enter: Mr Minimese, Mr Micro Gator Gang, Mr Cub Tote and Mr Micro Chain Mail. 

Each piece is lovingly handcrafted from buttery leather and deserving of a spot in your closet.

Mr Minimese is a smaller take on the highly-coveted Mr Siamese. Reworked with a detachable chain detail and leather crossbody strap, he’ll squeeze seamlessly into your daily routine.    

Deadly Ponies

Those seeking a chuck-and-go failsafe, Mr Sling Mini has also made a well-received return to the Deadly Ponies family.

Deceivingly spacious, the slouchy shoulder bag features an iPhone-friendly slip pocket and detachable top handle for day-to-night customisation.

Deadly Ponies

“Our print du jour for the season explores a vibrancy we’ve never before achieved, and are really excited to present,” says creative director Liam Bowden.

“Custom-designed and developed with our Italian supplier, our Electric Python embossed print is hand-painted and finished with luxurious detailing – a true testament to Deadly Ponies’ quality and craftsmanship.”

The Deadly Ponies spring/summer 2020 collection is available to shop online now.