Our friends at Deadly Ponies have yet again immersed themselves in a design project with heart and history. Liam, Steve and team have taken inspiration from Anni Albers, creating a collection that celebrates a woman who took modernist ideas and applied them to the art of textiles and weaving. We think these pieces would make perfect gifts for a bride-to-be, her maids or simply for the discerning woman who appreciates good form, quality and modernist design.

A little history to begin; Anni Albers brought wonder to weaving. Born in Berlin in 1899, she applied modernist ideas to the ancient craft of the loom, marking her out as the most innovative and influential textile artist of the 20th century. She was a woman often overshadowed by that of her artist husband, Josef. Her monumental, grid-like wall hangings that took her months at a time to make (each meticulously planned out in gouache on paper), are taken as inspiration for Deadly Ponies’ designer Liam Bowden.

Liam and the design team have respectfully tailored forms that both compliment the modernist error while cutting a graceful and contemporary shape. The colour palette is tight and timeless. Garnet, and flint are the hero hues, anchored back with black and a neutral. These are pieces to be coveted, treasured and handed down.

As collector’s items, each piece harnesses Deadly Ponies’ innovative and timeless design with the enduring popularity of Anni Albers, telling a story that merges fashion and art.

Through Deadly Ponies we have come to learn about Anni Albers, one of the the leading pioneers of twentieth-century modernism.  Anni continued to hand-weave until the late 1960s and then began to focus on printmaking. She continued to make prints and lecture until her passing at age 95 on May 9, 1994. As a team of modern woman here at Together Journal we love the idea of carrying a bag that pays tribute to this celebrated and influentual artist.

Knowing a little of the history, the thought and time that has gone into designing and creating this collection gives so much more value to these delightful and functional objects of art. A year in the making, this is a collection worthy of adoration and will be highly sought after.

The collection will be officially launched on Thursday evening this week on the 14th of May, from 5pm until midnight as part f the Together Today fashion event to celebrate New Zealand fashion. Stay tuned onto the Deadly Ponies website for news.

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