Looking for a body oil that does the job but won’t leave you greasy and oily? One that has a delicate but refreshing scent? And one that is packed with beautiful, natural ingredients. We have found the solution with Dermalogica’s phyto replenish body oil.

Boasting an impressive line up of natural oils; French Plum Seed Oil, Avocado Oil and Sunflower Seed Oil you can rest assured that your skin is getting all the natural nourishment required. And that smell! Well that’s due to the oils being Infused with calming Fermented Red Ginseng, bright Bergamot, Neroli and Orange along with relaxing aromas of Patchouli and Sandalwood.

Feel calm, replenished and moisturised. Our top tip is to apply this heavenly oil after a shower or a bath when the skin is still slightly wet. We found this helped seal the mouser in and it was a beautiful way to start the day with the uplifting scent.

Link to Dermalogica’s phyto replenish body oil here

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