We were recently sent two beautiful skincare products from Emma Lewisham Skincare A brand we have been intrigued about since we saw it enter the market in 2019. Emma has a purpose to make a meaningful difference, which for her means setting a new standard in skincare: proving that luxurious, high performing skincare doesn’t have to come at a trade-off to women’s health or the planet. 

We have trialled the Skin Reset Concentrated Even Skin Tone Serum and the Skin Shield SPF 30.

TextSkin Reset Concentrated Even Skin Tone Serum:

Skin Reset has reached cult status for its unprecedented performance in evening skin tone from hyperpigmentation and delivering transformative results to the skin.  We have found that it is making a difference to the appearance of our skin by helping to reduce and fade sun spots and pigmentation (we have been using morning and night for 3 to 4 weeks). The serum feels rich and luxurious and it absorbs easily into the skin and sits well under moisturisers and makeup. It also has the most beautiful and delicate floral fragrance. We have thorougfhly enjoyed using this product and it will be one we continue to use in our beauty regime.

Skin Reset is 100% clean, natural and non-toxic and in 2019, not long after its launch Skin Reset Serum, was recognised with an international clean beauty award, and as judged by independent scientists it outperformed 10 of the leading traditional brands for even skin tone in vivo testing.

Skin Shield SPF 30

Living in NZ + AUS means that you very rarely should leave home without having some kind of sunblock on, especially on your face and hands. So for us, finding a new product like Skin Shield by Emma Lewisham which is 100% natural and provides broad-spectrum defence (UVA + UVB) is truly exciting!

The product applies well to the skins surface. You do need to give it a few minutes to absorb which really is the case when applying most sunblocks, and primers. Do give your products a minute or two to settle before moving onto makeup application, it really can make all the difference. Again we noticed that familiar and delicate floral scent which we first experienced and loved in the serum.

The sunblock sat well for the day under makeup and based on the research we did we felt confident wearing it outdoors – although it is important to note that we do always recommend wearing a hat and shielding your face from the sun as much as possible regardless of what block you have on your face. This is a product we will also be continuing with and we are delighted that we have found such an innovative and safe product developed by an impressive and caring entrepreneurial New Zealand woman.

PS. We also love that the tube it is housed in is made from 100% recycled plastic. Which is actually a beauty first worldwide.

Visit the Emma Lewisham website here

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