We love nothing more at Together Journal than seeing a strong, ethical and effective local brand taking on the world and succeeding. Emma Lewisham is overachieving on all fronts with her cult-status products; her serum, in particular, has won worldwide accolades against some of the biggest brands for performance. Its clean, ethical and take it from us, it delivers. Our editor Greta has been using it for three months and it’s staying firmly in her beauty stable as an all-time favourite serum. Read about the products below and the beauty-circle initiative which is a world first, we are feeling very proud of this New Zealand beauty brand and its founder!

For years, Emma has been passionately driven to make a meaningful difference in the flawed beauty industry. Not only has she developed luscious formulas that are 100% clean and non-toxic, but she has also fulfilled her vision of uncompromising results, setting a new standard on a global level. Gone are the days where we have to choose between our health and our environment. High performing natural skincare has finally arrived.

Emma’s Skin Reset Concentrated Even Skin Tone Serum has reached cult status for its achievement in evening skin tone from hyperpigmentation and delivering transformative results to the skin. It restores skin’s clarity and evenness while producing radiance and hydration. After 5 years of scientific research, it’s no wonder this serum was proven by independent scientists in vivo testing to outperform the most advanced and luxurious products in the world, being internationally recognised as the best natural serum for its unprecedented performance. Skin Reset not only inhibited hyperpigmentation but did not harm the growth and health of “good cells”. After all, the products we use should enhance and preserve our natural beauty.

Emma Lewisham’s Skin Shield Daily Face Antioxidant Protect + Repair SPF 30 is the day cream of all day creams. Filled with restorative antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients from 24 natural ingredients, it delivers the dewy, glowing skin we all covet. The number one trigger for hyperpigmentation and visible facial ageing is sun exposure. Because UV rays can penetrate through clouds, windows and rain, SPF protection is needed every day, especially with the harsh sun over New Zealand and Australia. Skin Shield Daily Face is a light, non-greasy mineral formulation that makes it feel like you’re not even wearing sun protection, so it’s a dream to wear daily. This facial elixir is already in such high demand globally that it often sells out, but don’t worry, you can always pre-order it.

Emma has rethought the entirety of a beauty product’s lifespan and provides unparalleled transparency around what sustainability really looks like. We often see the label ‘100% recyclable packaging’, but that doesn’t always mean the goods actually end up getting recycled by the user. Emma has assumed ownership of this critical process by partnering with TerraCycle® to launch New Zealand’s first sustainable beauty initiative, the Emma Lewisham Beauty Circle. What we love about this initiative is, Emma Lewisham will offer free returns, rewards and recycling for not only its own products but remarkably, for all other facial brands too. After you download their free shipping label and send a minimum of four facial products, you receive a $15.00 Emma Lewisham voucher for your efforts. The products then get recycled to create public park benches and tables! How great is that? Emma vows to “always take ownership for what we bring into this world. We have a vision of no beauty brands’ packaging ending up in landfill and the industry moving away from disposability.” Her packaging for the Skin Shield SPF 30 is a tangible example of this vision come to fruition.

With its tube being made from 100% recycled plastic, this is a world-first for the beauty industry.

We are so thrilled to see such a critical breakthrough in natural skincare being pioneered by this inspiring and enterprising woman. Hopefully, thanks to this innovative move towards closed-loop recycling, we can soon start to see our own beauty reflected in the world around us as we enter a new era of beauty consciousness.

Visit Emma Lewisham’s website for more information

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