Our founder and editor Greta Kenyon was a guest this week on The Escaping the Ordinary podcast hosted by Ryan Teague.

Below are some experts from the session but the best thing you can do to find out more is to follow this link to listen to the podcast.

Today’s guest is someone who constantly challenges herself to get out of her comfort zone. Greta Kenyon has already been a wedding photographer for 10 years. Based in Auckland, she is also the founder of Together Journal.

With Greta’s idea to share different love stories, she took the publishing and wedding industry to the next level when she published Together Journal. Together Journal showcases different weddings and lifestyles for inspiration and they have already published 19 issues!, with issue 20 due to hit shelves this September.

In this episode, Greta shared her insights in developing Together Journal, what’s next for her business, and what the future holds in the wedding industry. You’ll surely learn how to level up your photography so make sure to listen until the end of it.

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