Directional jewellery for the fashion-forward. These stunning rings from Zoe and Morgan feature stones like Tourmaline, Morganite and Pink Sapphire. See more below from issue 15…

Zoe & Morgan…. Fifth Chakra Ring, Third Chakra Ring, Hatha earrings and Surya Earrings…
Seventh Chakra necklace, Eternity Snake bracelet, Snake loop earrings and Kundalini bracelet in silver all from Zoe & Morgan
Shanti earrings, Bespoke Freya engagement ring and Bespoke fuchsia sapphire ring all by
Zoe & Morgan
Jewellers Workshop has some beautiful pieces, including the stunning Eira Ring, Slice earrings, the Bouquet ring and the Celestine Ring featuring some stunning diamonds…
Serene diamond ring, Aggy diamond ring, Willow ring and Eve diamond ring all by
Cushla Whiting
Yin Yang diamond ring, Portia diamond ring, Celeste ring and Freya ring all from
Cushla Whiting
Good Gold for ethical wedding bands in Gold and Rose Gold…
WORLD Sollis necklace and earrings….
Vintage diamond rings by Coco Florence
Karen Walker Oak Leaf ring, Acorn wreath earrings and Acorn and leaf ring…
Julia deVille Anemone ring…
Triple drop pearl earrings, Pillar earrings and Freshwater pearl hoops all by Brie Lean from Paper Plane Store
Signet ring with family crest and Onyx Signet ring both by Benjamin Black Goldsmiths
Custom diamond, Elvish engagement and Ceylonese Sapphire rings by
Benjamin Black Goldsmiths
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