Grounded in the belief that beauty really does come from within, we would love to introduce you to IMBIBE’s cult product Beauty Renewal Probiotic Concentrate, which you will find at the Clean Beauty Collective.

After struggling with an undiagnosed autoimmune disease for many years, Felicity Evans set about on a mission to bridge the gap between her depleted health and the vitality she knew she needed. But she was left disappointed by the sheer lack of quality products on the shelves.

Determined not to allow her health to suffer any longer, Evans felt inspired to design her own line of everyday skincare and supplements. After trying, testing and formulating countless creations, Evans launched IMBIBE with the help of well-versed microbiologists and scientists.

Grounded in the belief that beauty really does come from within, each bio-active product is backed by scientific evidence to enable real, tangible results.  

IMBIBE’s cult product? Beauty Renewal Probiotic Concentrate.

By targeting imbalances in the digestive system, the three-in-one formula is designed to improve microbial diversity by populating the gut with beneficial bacteria. In turn, this helps users to achieve and maintain deeply hydrated and radiant skin.

So how does it work? The supplement boasts eight strains of fermented probiotics which have been carefully curated by IMBIBE’s team of microbiologists to promote absorption of key nutrients.

By combating imbalances in the digestive system often caused by common lifestyle triggers such as stress, processed foods or sugar, the concentration is formulated to improve overall gut health over time. 

Together Journal’s founder and editor, Greta Kenyon, has been using Beauty Renewal Probiotic Concentrate for the last three months and has already started to experience benefits.

“I really love this product. It’s so easy to take and tastes great,” she says. “Combined with making healthy lifestyle choices, such as exercising more and eating well, I have started to notice a positive impact on my skin and general wellbeing.” 

Each 15ml daily serving boasts approximately six billion multi-strain probiotics and will make for a great morning pick-me-up. 

Further information about Beauty Renewal Probiotic Concentrate can be found on the Beauty Renewal at Clean Beauty Collective

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