This is a story of a perfect summer. Of a month-long camping adventure on the coast. Of morning swims in crystal clear water, fresh fish, hot coffee, sunburnt skin, afternoon snoozes. Of forgetting to pack enough clothes (and a toothbrush) but somehow remembering to bring a bottle of Dolce & Gabbana. What is life…

It’s also a story of cutting off your beard in glorious sunset light (a New Years tradition) with a pair of old scissors in the wing mirror of a vintage Land Cruiser, parked on a remote beach, while smelling deliciously of what D&G call an ‘invigorating fusion of zesty citruses’. Not sure about ‘zesty’ – it’s a little hard to put your finger on what makes K feel so good to wear – but it’s soft and smokey and wonderful and somehow feels entirely normal to put on when you wake up at dawn in the wilderness wearing board shorts and a deep tan. It’ll also have your camp-mates wondering how you’re forever wafting around like a smouldering patchouli stick, in a calming kind of way. Has a good effect on late-night campfire chats and star-gazing.

Listen, there’s something about wearing a scent when you’re having great experiences that can somehow take you right back to the moment weeks and months later. D&G’s K is one of those rare birds. I sprayed it on this morning wearing grown-up clothes in the big city but my heart was 100% in the dunes. 

Words by Si Moore of  Bayly & Moore
Photography by Together Journal 

Simon Moore is one half of Bayly & Moore, the legendary duo who take photos and make films. Known worldwide not only for their picture-making ability but also for their kind hearts and constant evolution of the wedding industry. 

Bio on Simon Moore…

Si was originally a musician before he discovered a passion and his talent for photography. We think he is somewhat of a creative genius with his multi-disciplinary sense of visual and audio style. We figure if you have proved yourself as a taste-maker across two disciplines you may as well throw a third in there too. Visual + audio and now scent – That and the fact that has photographed hundreds, if not thousands of weddings, which involves getting up close and personal with a LOT of people. He knows what smells good, and bad. And he’s serving it up like a fresh taco (he also has a degree in tacos) for you all right here. 

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