As the daily commute calls, La Mer’s The Concentrate is sure to become your hero product. You needn’t be a skincare buff (or speak French) to have heard of La Mer. Hailed as one of the world’s most luxurious brands, the beauty house is worshipped for its outrageously indulgent products – and rightly so.

Just when you thought La Mer couldn’t top its cult moisturiser, there’s a new family member worth clearing a spot on the bathroom shelf for.

Give a very warm welcome to La Mer’s The Concentrate.

As lockdown lifts and the morning commute calls once again, it’s never been more important to shield the skin from everyday environmental stressors. Thankfully, The Concentrate is designed to tackle daily pollution and harmful UV rays.

To prevent premature ageing, each bottle boasts inflammation-fighting benefits and antioxidants for stronger, visibly smoother skin. Lime Tea Concentrate is a key player in achieving this as it helps to neutralise free radicals, guarding the skin from external stress factors.

A fellow stabilising ferment goes hand-in-hand with the Lime Tea Concentrate and is crafted to calm irritated skin – something we could all use as the turbulent year draws to a close.

the concentrate

But its most powerful ingredient is of course the Miracle Broth™.

Derived from sea kelp found in the depths of Vancouver Island’s sapphire waters, the magic potion was first discovered by Dr. Max Huber.

After suffering burns in a lab accident, he set about on a mission to find an ointment that could heal his skin. Over 6,000 experiments and 12 years later, he transformed the appearance of his skin using a revolutionary fermentation process with sea kelp at its heart.  

Now, the trademarked super elixir is included in each of La Mer’s products and has seen the French beauty firm rise to astronomical success.

Lovingly massage The Concentrate across the face both morning and night using the wand included. Follow up with the brand’s moisturiser for a deep treatment.

It’s the little dose of luxury we all need to look forward to after a long day in the office.