Perfume is delicately woven into every love story from first dates to first dances.

And Yves Saint Laurent’s latest fragrance is certainly worthy of playing Cupid.

Libre means freedom and this scent is designed to give the wearer confidence when it matters most.


A daring floral fragrance, there’s tension between the top notes as sensual Moroccan orange blossom and soft French lavender oil strike a surprising harmony. 

Vanilla extract madagascar, cedarwood oil and musk accord ground the scent making this one to wear when the sun goes down.


The curved bottle is just as beautiful with a slick twisted cap and the iconic Yves Saint Laurent Cassandre lettering draped freely across the glass.

This is a fragrance for balmy summer nights and is sure to evoke memories for years to come. 

Consider this the perfect gift for the one you love, yourself.

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