Grooming with Si Moore: Confession time. There’s a shared studio I work out of where wonderful people are always doing great things, and in this busy studio someone (and by ‘someone’ I mean me) had liberally applied a man-size dose of this D&G Love is Love magic that lingered for days. In a good way. In a head-turning way. Literally every time someone walked in the room they looked for the woody musky new person. That kinda way.

An electrician came to re-wire something and visit a brief hell on our productivity. He noticed the love in the air. Commented on it. He seemed to hang around all day. Even the person who did the liberal spraying kept getting a pleasant heartbeat skip every time he walked in the room.

Excuse the poetry for a moment but there’s a ‘beautiful stranger in a lift’ vibe to Love is Love (might re-name it ‘Lingering Magic’) that feels like negroni’s on summery first dates or when the new neighbour flirts with you over the fence. Except you’re wearing the perfume, not them. Go figure.

Either way it’s dreamy stuff, kinda like sorcery in a bottle, and anything that can tame the heart of the toughest tradie while transforming a workspace deserves to be an absolute summer classic. 

Words by Si Moore of  Bayly & Moore
Photography by Together Journal 

Simon Moore is one half of Bayly & Moore, the legendary duo who take photos and make films. Known worldwide not only for their picture-making ability but also for their kind hearts and constant evolution of the wedding industry. 

Bio on Simon Moore…

Si was originally a musician before he discovered a passion and his talent for photography. We think he is somewhat of a creative genius with his multi-disciplinary sense of visual and audio style. We figure if you have proved yourself as a taste-maker across two disciplines you may as well throw a third in there too. Visual + audio and now scent – That and the fact that has photographed hundreds, if not thousands of weddings, which involves getting up close and personal with a LOT of people. He knows what smells good, and bad. And he’s serving it up like a fresh taco (he also has a degree in tacos) for you all right here. 

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