On Thursday morning, day four of New Zealand Fashion Week we attended the most delightful breakfast showing for Mina. This is a brand that believes in simplicity, clean lines and no-frills cuts with a hint of self-expression. With an ethos to invest and be thoughtful, Mina does not follow the fashion system.

We were hosted at Showroom 22 and treated to the loveliest of breakfasts thanks to Tom Hishin of Orphans Kitchen, whos desires for purity, simplicity and sustainability tie in perfectly with those of Mina’s.

The new collection was beautifully restrained with delicate details and a palette reflective of nature. The tailoring was soft and perfectly balanced with fabrics consisting of organic cotton, wool suiting, viscose, linen, denim, merino and silks. This is a collection designed for the modern woman who likes feminine and elevated daywear and the feel of natural fabrics on her skin. Below are a few of our favourite pieces from the new collection.

Mina is dedicated to making conscious and ethical decisions and will continue to keep ‘people’ central to its business model as it grows and evolves.

Imagery by Greta at Together Journal.

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