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Today we talk to our dear friend Alexander of Mr Theodore who is based in Melbourne Australia and pictured above (and throughout) with his husband Nicholas.

We have found these conversations to be incredibly reassuring, and we place so much value on having friends within the industry who we know will always be there to champion and support our community. Thank you, Alexander, for speaking so honestly with us and for always being the most wonderful advocate for the wedding industry.

How has the recent landscape changed for you over the past two weeks?
It’s been a very strange time, that’s for sure. What has been our number 1 priority during this time has been to make sure that first and foremost our clients are being looked after and receiving our full support. We’ve also been offering support and assistance to couples who sadly need to postpone weddings and helping them with this. Being here for our community is the most important thing to us, we’re needed more than ever and in a way that is beyond the screen and more emotional.

What pro-active things are you doing at this time business-wise? 

We’re definitely revisiting many of our offerings and adapting to the needs of the industry. Moving out of this, wedding vendors will need help and guidance to get back on track, and we need to be there for them every step of the way. 

How are your wedding couples feeling and what are they saying to you? 

To be honest, there is definitely a bit of anxiety out there from couples. Not only those being directly affected but also those planning into 2021 as well. Encouraging them to keep planning and focusing on their wedding day is important right now. There is no doubt that this will pass, and hopefully sooner than we anticipate, so staying on track needs to be a priority.

Do you have any ideas for the industry in the short-term to help cope with this current scenario?

Rest, relax and breathe. No good decisions come from a negative mindset. Ensure you remove all negative blocks and be careful as to what langue you use or engage in. We’re seeing a lot of ‘It’s going to be tough for years to come’. No, if you’re to hear that every day, how can you make a positive adjustment to your business? Get your head clear, focus on what you want and where you want your business to be at the end. Then make decisions based on this. For some, it might mean focusing on their marketing and advertising strategies to ensure they are still reaching couples for the coming seasons. For others (i.e Photographers) it might mean training up some second shooters to help you when we’re in full swing again. What the industry needs to remember, is that after this is over, essentially there will be two wedding seasons all squeezed into one. Make the most of this time to adapt to a busier schedule and to reach more couples.

How do you feel about the future, what do you think the industry will be like once this all passes? 

Once this is over, I think weddings won’t change dramatically. The planning phase will see a few changes. Businesses will need to look into their cancellation policies and couples will need to be a lot more aware of what happens under these circumstances. Wedding Insurance will be a huge thing as well and a lot more couples will be looking into this. From a business perspective, I feel as though a lot more suppliers will be engaging more in marketing to ensure their brand and business is constantly at the forefront of newly engaged couples minds. Complacency won’t be a thing, that’s for sure.

Personally, what pro-active things are you doing at this time to stay happy?

Keeping a positive mindset during this time is absolutely crucial. Personally, we’re staying away from reading social media posts and newsfeeds. We’re not letting ourselves go down a rabbit hole of doom and gloom but rather looking at the opportunities they this will create.I’m also a massive spiritual junkie, so meditating is huge for me right now, as well as reading inspirational books from those I seek guidance from. i.e Deepak Chopra, Esther Hicks, Gabby Bernstein and even Oprah.

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