Rebecca Anderson – Founder of Chaos & Harmony Shoes

As part of the Open Conversations series, we started this week to shine a light of positivity on the industry we talk to Rebecca Anderson, the founder of Chaos & Harmony Shoes. We asked Rebecca how they are operating and feeling in this new COVID-19 environment that we have so suddenly found ourselves in. Creating these features has been both comforting and inspiring for us here at Together Journal and we hope that you too will also connect with these open and honest conversations with industry leaders.

How has your industry changed in the last two weeks? 
We have seen people becoming more cautious. With weddings needing to be rescheduled and there has been a shift in priorities. However, we are still getting brides wanting to get support with styling advice.

What is your business doing at this time to adjust to this current landscape? 
We are finding this time a great opportunity to innovate and to change some things. We are looking at what we can do, not what we can’t. In a way, it’s a little bit exciting because we are streamlining and connecting with people in a unique way and doing some of the things we have wanted to do for a while now.
How are you feeling personally? 
I am actually really great, I feel like we were on quite a specific journey of refinement and I feel confident that we have a product and service that will still bring joy to people. We have been through tough times before and it’s always a good time to align yourself with what matters most.

Marriage is such a blessing and so it’s great we can support our customers in this way. I love how generous people are being with their support and wisdom.

What do you predict for the future for your business and the wedding sector?  
I think the value of love and unity will become stronger and therefore I believe we will see more weddings, as people value that time to commit to a life beyond just themselves.

What are you looking forward to?
Seeing the other side of this and celebrating our resilience and ability to adapt and remain positive.
What messages do you want to get out there to couples planning to marry and to others in the wedding sector? 
For couples who are have become a little discouraged. Have a think about what you value and also what most important and the adapt around that. Some times it’s just about adjusting your expectations. And though it may not look like what you first imagined it will be everything you hoped for.

For businesses, this too will pass. There are many different seasons in life. Like a storm that comes and throws its weight around, it has a time to end and so will this unknown storm we are in. Also, you are not alone, keep sharing the load, share your troubles with someone wise and ask their perceptive. Make wise choices and keep calm, we’ll get through this.
Do you want to add anything else for people out there? 
Don’t let anxiety and fear dictate how you make your decisions, or how you live in this next season. It is not helpful to let those things manifest and all it does is distract you from the good things that are happening. And there are good things happening. Right now the world is connecting on a level not seen before. Don’t isolate yourself emotionally from people, be generous with your encouragement, gratitude and kindness and make good choices that you can look back on and be proud of.

You can visit the Chaos & Harmony website here and you can read more about the Chais & Harmony business journey here

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