Last year, hundreds and thousands of lovers around the globe postponed their wedding plans, which was of course heartbreaking. But, on the bright side, brides have garnered a little extra time to finetune their beauty regime.

On hand to prepare your skin for the big day and build an effective skincare routine that’ll last far beyond the big day is Estée Lauder’s Total Brightening Solutions’.

The four Estée Lauder products you see above have been designed to even out and improve the texture and tone of skin, to reduce the look of scarring and pores and increase the skin’s radiance, they are as follows; The Micro Essence Skin Activating Treatment Lotion, the Perfectionist Pro Rapid Brightening Treatment, the Perfectionist Pro Intense Brightening Essence Ampoule with Vit C/E + Licorice and the Revitalizing Supreme + Bright Power Soft Crème.

Step One: Carefully crafted to strengthen the skin’s foundation to prepare it for further treatments, the Micro Essence Skin Activating Treatment Lotion’s mission is to brighten, soothe and strengthen. Three magic words can be used to describe this groundbreaking lotion: targeted, nourishing and active. The result? A youthful glow brides strive to achieve.

Step two: The next unmissable step in the lead up towards your wedding day is the Perfectionist Pro Intense Brightening Essence Ampoule with Vitamin C/E + Licorice. Formulated to supercharge the brightening process, this is an intense treatment designed to help brides reduce dark spots, acne scars and pores in just 28 days. Vitamin C is the hero component here, as it works hard to improve radiance and even the skin tone. This isn’t just a quick fix either, as the ampoule course will act as a preventative tool by providing free-radical protection against environmental stressors which can lead to future discolouration. 

Sister ingredient vitamin E hydrates the skin while licorice soothes irritation and visible redness. Simply massage three drops into clean skin before your serum and SPF every morning to prevent the risk of hyperpigmentation. The aim of the four-week course is to reduce dark spots, acne scars and pores. A fantastic product to use in the weeks before your wedding day.

Step three: Estée Lauder’s Perfectionist Pro Rapid Brightening Treatment Ferment3 + Vitamin C. No matter what time of year you’ve set the date for, bright and glowy skin is always the ultimate goal and this ultra-lightweight serum is Together Journal’s standout product. Designed to boost the skin’s natural radiance, this is a widely-hailed product and for good reason. Estée Lauder’s world-famous Ferment3 plays the lead role here and works in harmony to target irritation, discolouration and dark spots. This process is further strengthened by the inclusion of vitamin c which boasts highly powerful antioxidant properties  – resulting in a more radiant, even-toned complexion. This daily serum is to be used morning and night.     

Step four: The final step in every effective beauty routine is a trustworthy moisturiser and Estée Lauder’sRevitalizing Supreme+ Bright is a real showstopper. Its powerful moringa extract ‘turns on’ the skin’s natural ability to fight everyday stresses which cause visible ageing from city pollution to sun exposure. Winter brides will be especially pleased to learn that its focal ingredient, hyaluronic acid, will aid the journey towards long-lasting hydration. Consider this the ultimate pre-make-up base.

This suite of Estée Lauder leading skincare products are set not just to show results but to also create an ongoing, heavenly at-home spa experience you’ll want to continue long after your wedding day. Our editor Greta is currently trailing these product and we will be back to report on the results.

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