Will and I first met through a friend at a gallery opening about five years ago in London. We got along really well but I was on a date with someone else! Three months later, I ran into a group of friends at a pub who were celebrating Will’s birthday.

To cut a long story short, there was a photo booth, two incriminating photos which unbeknown to us were uploaded to the internet, a full-page spread in a low-end British tabloid, two Twitter hashtags that went viral, another chance meeting, and we decided we should probably go on a proper date. We haven’t left each other’s sides since. We wanted our wedding somewhere hot and the British summer is not very reliable so we chose a place near Barcelona called Mas Cruanyes. It had an understated elegance and faded grandeur. The inspiration for our wedding was a Helmut Newton photograph from the 70s and disco music was the soundtrack to the weekend. The theme for the pool party was ‘Costa Fabulous’ and everyone looked amazing! Will is a very organised and calm human being but I’m not always much use when under pressure, and the day before the wedding I was a complete mess. The bridesmaids and ushers were all being incredibly helpful and all I could do was smoke endless cigarettes! But when I woke up on the day of our wedding, I felt so excited, and so much more like myself. A few things went wrong. The seating plan was muddled and there was no music to walk back down the aisle to, but none of it really mattered because we were on cloud nine and it truly was the best day of our lives. Close to midnight, Will and I snuck onto the balcony and looked down at everyone below us. It was so special to see all of our friends partying together. A few years ago, we went travelling for six months and right at the end we met an elderly couple on Venice Beach. They were holding hands and you could sense there was still so much love between them after 56 years together. I asked them what advice they would give to a young couple about to start their journey and she said, “Remember every day why you fell in love, always communicate, and if you have to argue try to argue holding hands — you can’t stay mad at someone for too long if you’re holding hands!” We hope that we are still holding hands, loving each other and cruising down Venice Beach in 56 years’ time.

Photographer—Serafin Castillo | Location—Mas Cruanyes, Platja d’Aro, Spain | Bride’s dress—Stella McCartney | Groom’s suit—Richard James Savile Row | Engagement ring—Anna Sheffield 

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