Yesterday in light of travel restrictions and virus implications we spoke (here) about why it’s important to keep on loving and living. Many couples are currently faced with wedding challenges, especially those who had planned to travel to wed or those who have many foreign visitors attending. We understand it’s heartbreaking but we also ask you to take a moment to consider a smaller local wedding. Remember it’s all about marrying the one you love and you can still do that! In fact, weddings are exactly what everyone needs at the moment.

Why not consider a smaller local wedding now with a small group of your nearest and dearest. Small weddings are incredibly beautiful, emotive and romantic. Then share all of your imagery and films from the small event with your extended friend and family group via digital platforms or create prints and send. Seriously people need to see love, weddings and beautiful things right now. And then host a larger party to celebrate on a bigger scale with your wider group in the future when restrictions are lifted. Many vendors we have spoken to are putting packages together to cover you for an ‘in-lopement’ (as we have coined it) now with smaller groups of close family and friends and then for a larger celebration party later. We will start a regular series today to show you how beautiful smaller weddings can be and for now we just wanted to remind you of some of the best spots in New Zealand and Australia to plan that stunning, intimate local wedding…

Coralee & Brendon photographed by Janneke Storm at Hot Water Beach

Link to see the full wedding of Coralee & Brendon here

Lucy & Allen by Danelle Bohane on Waiheke Island

Link to the full wedding of Lucy & Allen here

Andrew & Amie Captured by Bayly & Moore in Queenstown

Link to the full elopement of Amie and Andrew here

Tyson & Daniel by Chasewild at Moke Lake

Link here to see the full wedding of Tyson & Daniel

Carly & Elliot by Jim Pollard at Coronet Peak

Link to the full wedding of Carly & Elliot here

We will continue with these local and intimate wedding inspiration posts over the coming weeks. If you have concerns about your upcoming wedding please feel free to reach out and email us. We are here to help!