John Mangham from Crane Brothers has recently returned from a trip to Italy where he visited the renowned Pitti Uomo event, which is the most important international event for menswear. John shares his observations below, accompanied by imagery captured by Matt Choi

Camel is everywhere, blousons, jackets, and knits – highlighted with Winter White.

Rust is a key highlight colour that is prevalent in patterns (overcheck) Brown is still showing strongly with darker tones: Chocolate.

the colours that still featured were, as always: Blue though toning towards Steel Blue & Denim Blue. Deeper Greens are showing in the background. Grey is important, though has lightened up towards mid & Dove Grey.

Bordeaux is still showing, though mainly as a pattern highlight (check or knit).” says John Mangham

These shades and patterns can be incorporated into wedding and occasion dressing and can give the overall look more interest and depth. Just make sure you are conscious of working in with tones and textures already showing at your venue or being used in styling on the day, like colours of florals and maids dresses etc.

John specifies that… “Checks are still there, however, they are starting to become more subtle. Primarily window panes & moving towards smaller patterning such as Houndstooth. Stripes are continuing to grow in strength, though on a wider set scale than the past i.e; further spacing between the stripe.

Knits are showing stronger and more ‘macro’ ribbing and cabling with varied/playful textures…all macro. Plain knits are still important, though with a more casual look they are trending towards texture…as it’s more relaxed.

Knitting is also being integrated into outerwear, either as a complete item like a travel blazer or as a ‘hybrid’ like a blouson or bomber with knitted panels.

Blousons are strongly moving into the formal wardrobe, taking some space from traditional sports jacketing. Overcoats, including Double Breasted, are also prominent.

Shirting is becoming more strong coloured and stripes are popular. 

Shirting is a great vehicle for colour and an obvious and important way to tie in styling tones at your wedding – Together Journal

The silhouette still relies on tailoring with a tailored jacket being paired with a fuller and looser trouser. Trousers and pants are casual in feel with drawstring/elasticated waistband, cotton & corduroy cloths and cargo pockets. Pleats are prominent.

The footwear continues to drive towards sneaker & casual. Other accessories showing strongly are headwear, especially beanies, caps and more traditional Hats.commented John.

The tailored silhouette is perfect for occasion and wedding dressing, but perhaps leave the beanies and sneakers for the next day event or honeymooning. Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, you will be on-show and photographed non-stop. Our advice is to think about shapes that suit your physique, that you feel comfortable in and although everything does come in and out of fashion, do try to go with styles that won’t date too much. The team at Crane Brothers are incredibly experienced when it comes to menswear and looking your best. We recommend a meeting with Murray Crane or one of his experienced team members. After all, you only get one shot to get it right – Together Journal

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