Tell us a little about yourselves, what you do, what you love, what is unique about you and your relationship…

Ben and I met on a ski field in the South Island while we were at University. We moved into a flat and it wasn’t long before we become best friends.

We did everything together, went on hikes, went skiing, and I even sat on the beach while he surfed. But it wasn’t till I finished my studies and moved overseas that we both realised we were in love. He flew to Egypt to visit me. I moved home. We got engaged, and never looked back.

Ben and I couldn’t be more different. He grew up on a dairy farm and I grew up in the city. He is a Teacher and shapes custom made surfboards and I work in Journalism. He can spend hours in the ocean or getting stuck into a good book whereas I love to socialise and enjoy being busy whether that’s working or finding a new recipe to attempt. We are different but it’s our differences that bind us together, they keep things new and interesting. Our strengths complement our weaknesses.  

Ben and I like slowing down on the weekends and finding new cafes to try coffee. Usually on the way home from a surf.

Tell us about your special day, was there a specific theme or style? Tell us a little about the setting, the styling and some of your favourite details…

Our wedding was a reflection of our love for each other and for those around us but it would’ve not been possible without our incredible vendors. Our venue, Goldie Estate is a Waiheke Vineyard that looks back to Auckland. It was a scorching hot day we couldn’t have asked for better weather. Our theme was rustic and natural with lots of earthy tones and the venue was the perfect setting for all the ideas I had. Our photographer captured all those natural colours effortlessly. I am obsessed with pampas grass and dried floral so they were very prevalent in the wedding. 

I am half Samoan and did a traditional dance for Ben called a Siva. It was a real proud moment for me. I got to share it with my Samoan family and got to show Bens extended family a snippet of my heritage and culture.  

Ben and I had made it very clear during our planning that we wanted the wedding to be about our guests, and it was that mindset that made the our day so enjoyable. It wasn’t just about us, it was a celebration of our love and a thank you to all our family and friends who helped us get there.

Tell us about your main outfits:

My dress was made by the incredible Trish Peng. I got to design the dress with Trish over a couple of moths which was an exciting process. She was very patient with all my changes. Custom made can be hard at times if you’re indecisive! I couldn’t choose what type of sleeves I wanted so Trish made me both and I ended up wearing the detachable long sleeves which I just adore looking back at the photos.   

The boys suits were a mix of a couple of brands and some handy work from my Mum. We were desperately after the crisp beige linen suit look but when we were looking we couldn’t find what we wanted. The Suits were a mix between Barkers, Hallenstines and some snazzy buttons from spotlight. (Yes I made my Mum pull off every single button and stitch on new ones.)

What were some of the most memorable/unique moments from the day?

Our photographers pulled us away at dinner time during sunset. We took a walk up the hill that overlooked the Goldies vineyard and our reception area. We didn’t even notice they were snapping away because we we’re so lost in the moment, but the photos ended up being some of our favourite.  So many people told us to take some time on our wedding day and this was it. We spent about 20 minutes on that hill just talking about the day and how excited we were that this was our beginning. I would highly recommend finding at least 15 minutes on your wedding day just to take it all in.   We also loved the speeches. They just made us feel so loved. We talked about how beautiful the speeches were the entire honeymoon!

Any advice for other couples planning to spend the rest of their lives together?

Some advice that was given to us – Remember to prepare for your marriage and not just the wedding. If you put as much effort into your marriage as you do your wedding day, you’re headed for success. We did some pre marriage wedding counselling courses and it really help us unpack our relationship and prepare for married life. It’s cliché but six months in and we couldn’t be happier.

Photography: Ellen Mary Taylor | Videography: James Murray and Tiago Kerber | Ceremony and Reception location: Goldie Estate, Waiheke Island | Celebrant: Mike Griffiths | Bride’s gown: Trish Peng | Grooms outfit: Barkers and Hallensteins | Rings: Paul Taylor Jewellers and Angela Daniel | Shoes: Senso and Rodd and Gunn| Jewellery: Meadowlark | Makeup: Leonie Mavroyannis and Chloe Mitchell | Hair: Steph Campbell | Fragrance: Black Orchid Tom Ford | Bridesmaid’s outfits: Born to be Chic | Groomsmen’s outfits: Barkers and Hallensteins | Hire: My Waiheke and The Island Collection | Flora: Floral Stylist Co. | Catering and Beverages: Goldie Estate, Waiheke Island | Cake: Luxe Waiheke | MC: Nickson Clark

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