At Together Journal, we spend our days celebrating beautiful love stories from all over the world with a joyous blend of lifestyle content spanning fashion, beauty, travel, and design.

But there’s been something missing from our repertoire and it’s high time we changed things.

Still largely considered a hush-hush topic, we want to speak openly and honestly with our readers about one of the most important aspects of every romantic tale – our sexual relationships.

Whether it’s the connection you have with your partner or yourself, Together Journal wants to create a space for women to empower one another through candid discussions on sexual health, bedroom desires and self-pleasure.   

Paving the way are sisters, Cat and Sarah of Theory of Her who have made it their mission to make the world a happier place – one orgasm at a time.

Fed up with the predominantly male narrative in the bedroom and a lack of products on the shelf suited to their ethics and desires, the duo felt inspired to reinvent the fine art of pleasure. 

A homemade recipe (and a whole lot of handiwork later) came “spine-twisting” results that were so good, they had to share the secret with the sisterhood.

Enter: Mint & Bush Pleasure Spray.

Fast-forward a year (and hundreds of orgasms) later, Mint & Bush Pleasure Spray has become a firm bedside staple for thousands of women around the world – collectively known as, the Pussy Crew. 

Lovingly crafted in New Zealand by a proudly all-female team in the pursuit of pleasure, it’s an organic blend of peppermint oil and lavender flower water. So bid farewell to the pressure of “freshening up” before getting fresh. 

A magic potion delicately blended to heighten touch and arousal, its vegan, all-organic formula means it can be licked, sucked and sprayed until your heart’s content. 

Mother Earth’s natural aphrodisiac, peppermint, plays cupid in every tale of self-love here as it’s been hailed as one of nature’s most powerful ingredients for thousands of years.

Not only does the humble peppermint plant calm the mind and body, it inspires a tingling sensation when massaged onto the nipples and clitoris. For those who need a little coaxing into things, it’s simple – spray more!

It’ll take a couple of pumps for pillow-gripping satisfaction but if you’re teetering on the edge, it’s simple. Spray more! There’s no need to use sparingly either, as there are 20 glorious orgasms waiting to be unleashed in every vessel.

Trialled on real vaginas, Theory of Her has ensured that Mint & Bush is PH balanced so it’s gentle on intimate parts whilst the fresh aroma will leave you feeling comfortable and sexy in your own skin. Men can also join in on the fun, it’s been trialled on penises galore – with no complaints, may we add. 

Not ones to beat around the bush (pun very much intended), the duo have built an incredible community online which encourages women to talk openly about their body, sexuality and relationships – most importantly, the one we have with ourselves.

Follow the Pussy Crew on Instagram or visit Theory of Her to purchase the Mint & Bush Pleasure Spray for bridesmaids or hen party guests. 

Just remember to treat yourself at the check-out too…

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