We took some time out to chat with one of our favourite Melbourne based jewellers, Cushla Whiting. Its tough out there with Melbourne going into a second lock-down but the resilience, drive and desire to keep on servicing couples on love is so strong. See below how Cushla Whiting is still trading in lockdown and ensuring that love will always win. Plus we give you a preview of their beautiful new collection…

How are you still operating in lockdown and what people can still do to engage with you?

While we are not currently holding face-to-face appointments in our showroom, we are still fully operational, and offering assistance via both email and virtual appointment.  Our jewellers are still hard at work, and we are not expecting any delays in production. Working with interstate and international customers regularly means that we already had extensive online resources, which allow our bespoke jewellery to be designed completely remotely.  This has been a really enjoyable process for our customers, using the extra time indoors as an opportunity to design their engagement rings and wedding bands. 

Our CW YouTube library has high-quality videos of all our collection rings which are available to purchase, and for bespoke orders, we have an image catalogue of all the previous designs we have created to use as inspiration. We also have our very own YouTube Gemstone library, with high-quality videos taken in natural lighting of all of the beautiful gemstones and diamonds in our collection to choose from. We can curate a selection of these gemstones, according to both your budget and design preferences. With all of these online resources, in addition to complementary and fully-insured shipping, our customers have found it to be an incredibly smooth and convenient process!

New stones, designs, services etc.

We are lucky to have our gemmologist is currently living in the famous, historical Antwerp Diamond Bourse, sourcing us beautiful antique diamonds. This is a rare opportunity for customers to have access to some of the world’s most rare and enchanting diamonds, which can be sourced and set into their own bespoke ring designs. While customers can email us and enquire about sourcing specific diamonds they are interested in, we are also going to start posting a few of these incredible diamonds each week on our Instagram so customers can view a few of our gemmologist’s favourite stones which can be purchased to set into one of our designs.  We will also continue to release collection rings using a selection of these beautiful diamonds.

Anything exciting we can talk about coming up in the future?

As signets grow a popular choice as a wedding band for men, we wanted to expand our range to give a variety of shapes available in our collection! These can be bought as plain signets, or customised by adding a personalised engraving or a gemstone. We are also working on expanding our fine jewellery collection…stay tuned for some more exciting earrings and pendants releases in the near future!

Can we help with new collection launches by posting about them?

We have recently finished some beautiful new engagement and wedding bands for our collection. These are set with incredibly unique sapphires, antique diamonds, and salt and pepper diamonds. These are the gorgeous rings shown below:

For more information on Cushla Whiting visit their website or Instagram

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