All of the very best ideas are born from a genuine need. So, when Founder Baovi Dang of Jade Ơi Studio searched endlessly without resolution for the perfect pair of earrings for her own wedding, a pair that would be both modern and timeless and also within her budget, she knew she was onto something. 

Most earrings Baovi discovered in the market were either too traditional, too expensive, mass-produced or unethically made. All things that the modern, thoughtful bride likes to avoid. Baovi also understood that the emerging modern bride was looking to redefine bridal style. Items that are more fashion orientated, modern and wearable after the wedding day are highly desired. 

This is both a need to look more contemporary and stylish on the day as well as the sustainable desire to buy something that will last beyond one day. Something to be enjoyed again, to feel nostalgic about and to treasure. 

So Jade Ơi Studio was born and quickly developed into a coveted jewellery and accessories label for the modern fashion-influenced bride. Working and living in Brooklyn has been a foundation of the brand’s culture and aesthetic. The team at Jade Ơi Studio are constantly inspired by the diversity, colours and the bond of their community. Its fast-paced, fashion orientated and filled with wonder, beauty and timelessness. 

Made from 14k or 18k gold plate and assembled by hand, each piece is nickel-free and hypoallergenic. Made for style, comfort and longevity, to be worn again and again so you can reminiscence about your love-filled day for years to come. And maybe even passed down to a family member one day too. 

Making brides feel empowered to break the rules and do things their way unapologetically when it comes to their wedding is the essence of the brand’s desire. Something we here at Together Journal have also always championed, and so we love finding brands with the same ethos and values to introduce you to. 

Jade Ơi Studio has just launched their latest collection ‘Anemoi’ and we think, without a doubt, it’s their most beautiful yet. In Greek mythology, Anemoi is ascribed with the Gods of directional winds and their various seasons. This tie in with nature resonated with the design team who were inspired by an organic palette found in the natural landscape and organic textures seen in hand-made ceramics and fractured glass. 

There is an ethereal element within the pieces, a calmness and beauty similar to the stillness and feel of a long summers day. The pieces are sculptural in form and exhibit pearly surfaces and natural metals, they are elevated and ceremoniously chic. Elevated to effortlessly carry you through the most elegant of cocktail weddings while still being understated enough to pair with jeans and a fresh white tee after your special day or night. 

This contradiction is part of the attraction that draws the Jade Ơi bride in. A woman who is at the centre of the companies heart, she is carefree and unbound by tradition or rules. She naturally has an innate sense of style and the freedom and fearlessness of mind to make her life, wedding, marriage and style truly her own. 

The Jade Ơi bride is universal and found in many corners of the world, which is why the brand offers free shipping worldwide. And you can expect your Jade Ơi treasures to turn up in minimal packaging made from 100% recycled materials. This authentic, thoughtful brand really has thought of everything. 

To celebrate the launch of this exquisite new collection use code LOVEJADE for 20% off + free shipping. Offers valid until June 21, 2020. 

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Campaign imagery was photographed by Zoe Morley

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