Tell us about your background and who is behind ‘Watch My Wedding’?

My background is in graphic design and marketing, so they are the skills that I now bring to the business. My husband and business partner is what you’d call ‘the brains of the business’. He came up with the idea originally, and has created bespoke software and hardware to offer a unique service for couples who want to live-stream their wedding. His background is in software engineering and has been coding since he was 9 years old.

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What inspired you to start your business?

We started Watch My Wedding when we were married in early 2015. We wanted to share our wedding with my friends and family in Australia, but we couldn’t find a reliable and discreet way of live-streaming it that would also provide the quality we wanted.  On the one hand we could film the wedding with a big, bulky camera that cost a lot to hire and was tricky to operate on the day; and on the other hand we could download a free app to stream the wedding but the quality would be poor.

So, with that in mind, Adam jumped right in and built a live-streaming device that could do what we wanted – small, easy to set up (one-button push), and great quality. From there, he has continued to develop the technology and add new features so that our product stays ahead of the game.

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What do you love most what you do?

My favourite part of what I do is when we start live-streaming a wedding. I am usually at the office watching the wedding, and it is so great to be a part of the couple’s special day – everyone has their own style and words that mean so much to them. Ceremonies are always very different and sometimes surprising, so that part of my job is always different.

Tell us a little bit about working as a husband and wife team?

Working together as a husband and wife can be tricky sometimes, especially with a small baby (our little girl just turned one). It’s hard – but incredibly important – to find time to work on our relationship, our family, and our business.

Plus, when you work with your partner, you have to find a way of switching off from work so you don’t start having business strategy meetings every night – that really sucks the life out of a marriage!!

But it is wonderful to have someone that shares the same passion and excitement for your work; and really understands the pressures of your work too.

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Tell us about what is involved in live streaming a wedding?

We aim to make our service as simple as possible for the couple. From their point of view, all they need to do is turn the streaming-unit on and they are ‘live’.

For us though, we start the process a few weeks prior to the wedding – we check the available data connection at the wedding location (the service requires a data connection to stream the ceremony to the internet); we work with the bride to determine where to position the camera; we can also be onsite to set up and pack down the streaming service too.  If we are onsite at the wedding, we also work closely with the couple’s photographer to ensure we don’t get in their way, and essentially try to make sure everyone is happy.

Categories: Weddings-Together Loves | Watch My Wedding

Categories: Weddings-Together Loves | Watch My Wedding

Outside of weddings what is your favourite thing to do?

I love painting. Between the business and my little girl, I don’t get much time for it at the moment, but it’s something that I find relaxing and soothing.

Who inspires you?

That’s a really hard question!! As a female I really respect Michelle Obama and – her obvious love for her husband and family, her strength, and involvement in the community; and of course her style! I am also inspired by my husband, who always seems to remain calm in the face of crisis; while also being extremely passionate and driven in everything he does.

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Tell us about your most inspirational couple streaming story?

I hate to sound self-centered; but I think that our wedding is the most inspirational to date!! The day was forecast to rain, but ultimately the sun shone for the duration of our ceremony; a nurse at my grandmothers nursing home brought her personal iPad in so my grandmother could watch the stream; plus at the end of the day we were able to watch a recording of the ceremony from our hotel room. It was so surreal to watch ourselves, because at the time you are so focused on not tripping up as you walk down the aisle; saying your vows without crying; not dropping the rings – all of those things. It was magical to be able to hear those vows again without all those pressures.

Watch my Wedding

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