Tom Ford Private Blend Fucking Fabulous Eau de Parfum. That’s the official title. But you… you can call it Fucking Fabulous. Because that’s just what it is. Explicit. Exclusive. Fabulous. 

The name is in your face, not an asterisk in sight. Not a whiff of the coy or the prudish here. After all, this isTom Ford. Whether it’s film or fragrances, this ultra-suave ‘king of swagger’ has made a name as a pusher of boundaries and innovator extraordinaire. ‘Opulent sensuality’ is how Time magazine summed up the brand. And this naughty little scent has opulent sensuality written exquisitely. All. Over. It.

The Texas-born creative genius who in the late 90s took Gucci from a faded has-been to a sexy, modern and utterly relevant label worth an estimated $4.3 billion has never been shy of courting controversy. Or of being sexually provocative. And now, with this new scent, it’s as if Tom Ford has bottled the very essence of his brand. Daring, delicious, and yet tasteful to the extreme.

Almond bitter oil, tonka resinoid, orris accord, cashmeran, leather accord, clary sage oil. These are the sultry protagonists in this erotic artwork-for-the-senses – ingredients that evoke the most private of exchanges. Insider moments where fantasies come true.The vibrant opening makes an instant statement. It hits on you – in the most eloquent of ways – with its sweet talk of clary sage and fresh lavender. They command attention. The aromatic foreplay continues with bitter almond and hints of vanilla, infusing textural richness to the leather heart. Addictive tonka bean and lavish leather drive the scent as amber undertones reverberate with a warm glow. Ultra-fine blonde woods create a confident expression of pure luxury with a creamy finish. 

So many shades to this scent. Not one of them grey.

Aside from having Tom Ford deliver this to you personally, could it get any sexier?

The designer’s genius is in taking concepts and styles past and bringing them bang up to date. Making us sit up and take notice of them again – just as he did with Gucci, giving classics a contemporary spin. And it doesn’t get much more ‘classic’ – yes, we’re looking at you Adam and Eve – than physical temptation. So here it is. Brought to you, in a bottle, by the master of seduction.

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