Here we have the top ten online weddings for March and April 2020 for your viewing pleasure. All are incredibly beautiful and uniquely personal in their own modern way. Congratulations to the top ten for March + April!

Gabby + Mark by Laura Johns Photo

We have been together for 10 years and are both busy business owners. It took us some time to get around to the wedding!

I guess we are unique in the way that we are both independent people who don’t sacrifice our independence or passions for each other. But that works for us and we have full respect for one another and support each other in our chosen careers. We share the same values and when it came to our wedding we both wanted the focus to be on the people and the party!

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Jack + Georgie by Ashleigh Haase Photography

We met almost 6 years ago, through mutual friends. A nurse and a tradie, classic Australian couple. We both love food, adventures, festivals, spending time with our friends and most of all our fur babies, Willow the kelpie and Indi the kelpie X koolie.

It’s a running joke that we are quite opposite to each other and quite similar to the dogs. Jack is like Indi, laid back and chill. Whereas Willow and I are similar in that we are hyperactive and always up for something to do. We balance each other out perfectly. We’ve travelled Europe together, purchased our house, raised our doggos, next step for us was to tie the knot! We decided to go ring shopping together, but Jack would make the proposal a surprise.

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Annie + Matt by Frank and Peggy Photography

Matt and I met through a mutual best friend over five years ago at university, and after months of group projects and causal flirting, Matt finally got the courage to ask me out and it’s been smooth sailing ever since.

We both grew up in Utah, USA and love the outdoors, traveling, and spending time with our families. We love good food, new adventures, and are always each other’s biggest support. Matt has dual citizenship in the US and NZ and has spent his summers in Tairua since he was two. So, after we graduated from University together, we decided to take a few months off and travel all around the North and South Islands. Needless to say, I fell even more in love with him and his home away from home.

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Josie + Leigh by David Le

We matched on a dating app in 2017 and attempted a long-distance relationship for about two months until Leigh decided he was lost without me and moved to Auckland from Palmerston North. 

Two years later, he convinced me to move back to the mighty Manawatu where we now live a year later in our own home with our forever dog Frankie and recent foster dog Luke. In our work lives, Leigh fixes photocopiers and I work for a Government Department. Working opposite schedules we’ve had to adapt to spending less time together but make up for it on the weekends with lots of coffee and adventures. We hit it off from the moment we met, and I could say quite genuinely it was love at first sight. We’re best mates who are lucky enough to be in love.

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Jess + Mark by Two Birds & Co

Mark is a pilot in the Air Force and Jess is a lawyer. We met at university in Wellington almost a decade ago, but our paths didn’t cross again until five years ago. We started off long-distance, and now we both live in Auckland together.

We love spending our weekends exploring Auckland with our golden retriever, trying new restaurants and cafes, and heading to the beach. Living in different cities, and with Mark in the military, our relationship has required a lot of commitment to making it work from the very beginning. Needless to say – it has been so worth it. 

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Natalie + Peter by Courtney Illfield

Peter and I have been together for 14 years. We fell pregnant by surprise when we were 22 and thought we’d only have a small family, but over the years we had a couple more surprises and now we have three beautiful boys. We live in Fremantle where I run my fashion brand, Wild Horses Label, and Peter works for a metal and mining corporation in Perth.

We might have done it ‘backwards’, getting married after having three kids, but actually it’s quite nice as I feel the hard part in a relationship can be when the children first come along. It really tests you as an individual, as a parent and in your relationship. I feel like we’re really strong now and we really know each other. We’ve grown together throughout the years and shared many special moments, the memories of which fill our hearts.

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Samantha + Charlie by Ethan Lowry Photography

Charlie and I have been high school sweethearts, we met when we were 17 at a leadership camp. You can say from the moment I did see Charlie it was love at first sight for me (even though I was very young) I knew that I wanted to know him more. Within the first year of knowing each other we were dating. Fast forward 11 years and we now have 3 beautiful children.

We both are so in tune of each other we love majority the same things – from sports, interests, food and style. However, our personalities are opposites, I can be very head strong and outgoing where is Charlie is reserved and calm. With those qualities Charlie has a way where his hugs instantly make me safe and secure. Being young parents at 18 years old to our son Spencer, we both had to grow up a lot faster than all our friends. We both had a determination to always put our relationship first and making sure that our kids grew up in a loving and happy household.

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Macenzie + Jerrod by Chellise Michael Photography

We met almost 6 years ago. We had both just moved to Denver, and neither of us knew a lot of people there. We had a few mutual friends and had met in passing a time or two. We had exchanged numbers, but neither of us had ever gotten in contact with the other.

One night while aimlessly swiping on Tinder I no’d him – swiped left. After doing so, I was like “ Hmm, I think I know that guy?” So I decided to text him and let him know that I thought I had just no’d him on Tinder. It’s been an ongoing joke in our relationship ever since! In our spare time we love to travel, we are a bit wanderlust and love a good adventure! We are also perfectly content at home with out sweet pup, Denver. 

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Alana + Seumas by Acorn Photography and Cinema

Seumas and Alana are two very normal, happy kiwi’s living in Wellington New Zealand. They love walking together, cooking together (especially with wine), snowboarding together and doing up their caravan on the front lawn of the house they bought together in June 2019.

Seumas is currently training to be a Police officer which suits his calm, dependable nature. Alana is a designer with experience in set, exhibition and architectural design. Their shared love of doing, making and tinkering has made for some unique dinner conversations. Alana is a total sucker for Seumas, head over heels in love since day 3 (when he made up for day 1), and Seumas loves to love Alana. They’re the best version of themselves when they’re together; a couple of young kids with an old love.

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Bryce + Brittany by Nikki Deles

Bryce and I have been together 6 years, We surprisingly fell pregnant when I was just 20 years old, not exactly ideal but it was most certainly the making of our relationship.

To some people having babies before marriage is a bit backwards, but for me, even though it wasn’t planned that way, I think being able to have our little girl be a part of our day and share that moment with her was so special. I myself, am lucky enough to have the luxury of being a full time stay at home mum with our little girl Blake, I’m very grateful to be able to make the most of these very important and special years with our baby girl.

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