BG Photography Co

Hey! I’m Brianna, your #1 hype woman, storyteller and new best friend.

Something tells me, if you’ve landed here, it’s meant to be.

I don’t think you truly understand the intensity of a moment until it’s a memory, which is why I am driven to capture as much feeling in your photos as possible, so when you look back at them, your heart skips a beat just like it did the first time around.

Nothing makes me feel more fulfilled than hearing how relaxed my couples felt with me on their wedding day, and honestly, if I wasn’t holding the cameras, people would assume I'm just an old friend. Because if anyone is going to cheer you on while you make that risqué dance move in front of nan or drink out of a wine bottle, it’s me.

I truly love what I do with every fibre of my being, and nothing would make me happier than to share that love with you.

But enough about me, let's talk about you; after all, this is your love story; I just hope I'm lucky enough to capture it. 

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