Bohemian Blooms

A Feast for the Eyes, Dripping with Magic & Romance

Bohemian Blooms is an intuitive wedding design studio, passionately led by Creative Director Jerin-Lei Malacrida. Specialising in fearless, otherworldly & deeply romantic designs, Jerin-lei expertly crafts irresistibly unique & breathtaking creations for lovers who dare to be different.

The Bohemian Blooms’ design team prides themselves in forming intimate connections with each client, guiding them creatively through their bespoke journey, each thoughtfully designed wedding encapsulating the couples sacred love story.

Jerin-lei’s warm, passionate & innate approach combined with a maven eye for detail & scale ensures every wedding design is unique, magic laden, & wildly spectacular.

Offering both floral & styling services within their design packages, Bohemian Blooms ensures designing your dreamscape is a one stop shop resulting in an effortless & exciting experience.

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