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Well howdy there, we are Grace + Andrew of Bottlebrush Films and with our powers combined we become Grandrew - your classic codependent relationship. Oh and we really like making wedding films.

To us a story is only as good as the person who tells it, and we've spent years becoming master storytellers, professional spinners of shite and maestros of getting all the good stories out of your mum (yes, even the ones you made her promise not to tell). This ain't business it's personal, it's the history of how you met your lobster and lived to tell the tale - let's get personal.

Let us celebrate what makes you too weird or too normal, let us happy dance to our differences.

We are not that business that post only their 'best weddings', we share every single one of our films because we believe in every single one of our couples.

Come forth the awkward, the quiet, the loud, the shoey drinkers and tea sippers - whatever your schtick we'll make you a film that is
unapologetically you.

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