Cloud Catcher Studio
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Cloud Catcher Studio

Hello engaged, excited, overwhelmed person! Maybe you’ve never needed to book a wedding photographer or videographer before. That’s okay, we always tell our couples this ain’t our first rodeo. Or our 500th rodeo.

We do this alllll the time, and it’s our job to make a very not-normal thing (dressing up all fancy, getting all emotional in front of eleventy-seven pairs of eyeballs and being photographed all the while) feel as comfortable and normal as it can be.

That means no peering out from behind tree trunks, no making heart shapes with your hands, or any of the other wedding photo cliches that make us all cringe. We only shoot what’s real and what’s true and what will serve as your memories of a day well spent with the ones you love… and we have a whole lot of fun while we’re at it, because wedding days are happy days!

Cloud Catcher Studio is a collective of photo and video artists (and professional party people) whose love for weddings knows no bounds. We proudly bring our joyful energy, questionable dance moves and un-awkward vibes to weddings Australia wide.