Jesus Peiro
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Jesus Peiro

JESUS ​​PEIRO has been creating wedding dresses since 1988. It is a leading designer in the bridal world, with a presence in 26 countries.

With a refined design and handcrafted finish, JESUS ​​PEIRO manufactures its wedding dresses with the same high standards as a Maison de Couture. A highly specialised team of seamstresses and pattern makers produce our dresses, under the creative direction of designer Merche Segarra.

The process of creating and making the dresses preserves the traditional and artisan processes typical of bridal clothing, including hand finishing and custom manufacturing each dress.

JESUS ​​PEIRO manufactures wedding dresses to the highest quality standards, a testament to their commitment to sustainability and respect for the environment. In its latest collections JESUS PEIRO has incorporated fabrics made from recycled plastic collected from the ocean.

JESUS ​​PEIRO collections are aimed at a woman with high standards in terms of quality and detail, but who knows how to have fun with bridal dressing to portray that part of her personality. The JESUS ​​PEIRO bride can be romantic, or sophisticated, or flirtatious, but is always very clear about what she wants.

To complement its bridal collections and in order to provide brides with a complete look, the brand always offers a collection of handmade accessories. They include coats, capes, veils, belts, boleros, tiaras and headpieces and each season they are designed to complement that season bridal gowns.