Love Bomb Photos
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Love Bomb Photos

We’re about to get close. Real close.

The thing I love most about being invited to photograph a wedding, is being able to observe the natural and love-filled interactions between two lovers, to see what makes their love different, special and unique. I’ve been fortunate enough to stumble my way into a profession where I get to take these beautiful fleeting moments, and turn it into something that’s going to last forever.

I want to take a step back and let you do your thing. I want to move in close and catch those secret smiles, the lingering eye contact. I want to grab that mood of just married excitement and put it into print. I want to get to know you both intimately that you are comfortable enough with me to be honest and vulnerable and open.

But I also want us to have a damn good time, full of beaming smiles and long loud laughs. Preferably with some natural light.