Petite Visuals
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Petite Visuals

I’m Morgane — both the ‘petite’ and the ‘visuals’ behind Petite Visuals.

Once, I drove for three hours at the crack of dawn to get the perfect sunrise-over-the-mountains couple shot. Seeing as I love nothing more than cosying up in bed, dipping a croissant into black *decaf* coffee, it goes to show that I’ll do anything for love.

As a French-born, Victoria-based, around-the-world wedding photographer, I draw on my obsession with fashion and cinema to capture not only your special day, but your love story, through modern documentary-style photography.

I focus on your story, and use different mediums to capture it best (video, digital, analog); this way I can capture what the experience feels like - not just what it looks like.

I’m a creative through and through, my bag of tricks overflowing with a collection of analog cameras, a Swisse army knife, ‘70s film, and a few torn up zip-lock bags. Actually, it’s how I produce my best work. Don’t ask.