Sarah Marie Celebrancy

Any celebrant can get you married - yes. But not every celebrant is a storytelling aficionado.

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Hello lovers, my name is Sarah Marie and I am here to make your nups feel like a BIG WARM HUG. One that is reciprocated in energy and enthusiasm by your loved ones, and doesn’t go on for too long (as then things can get awkward).

Your love story is a reminder of the strength in togetherness, and I get a KICK out of turning up the warm fuzzies, cheering for love to conquer all and leaving a lasting impact on those special people you’ve invited to share in your day.

My ceremonies are distinctly creative, refreshing, heartfelt and sweet, but most importantly, they are unequivocally YOU! Oozing your personality, and sprinkled with delightful (sometimes cheeky) anecdotes.

Natalie and Jay said it best when they said ‘thank you for prioritising genuine stories, for putting in the time to get to know your couples and for encouraging us to be as open and in love as we wanted to be. There wasn’t a second where we felt like strangers, but it feels like years that we have been friends. You brought our day to life and created a sacred bubble for us to relish in, and we’re so grateful to you for that.’

That’s the bottom line - I write and share creative + heartfelt stories about glorious humans.