The French Petal
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The French Petal

A love of flowers is the heart of The French Petal. We're based in NSW - a busy little beehive with a nice, creative buzz. Our workshop bursts with flowers, pods, and textural foliage to create something original and bring magic to your event.

My name is Estelle, and yes - I’m French! My grandparents had a lush garden which taught me the beauty of the changing seasons and sparked my passion for texture and foliage. I studied floristry in Paris and then started travelling to nourish my style with different influences and cultures. 

Living in Australia, I get all the inspiration I need to create fresh and unique floral arrangements for all your special events - share your ideas with us and we'll run with it!

Image credits: 1/9 Big Bear Films | 2/9 and 3/9 Shane Shepherd Weddings | 4/9 and 5/9 Carly Tia | 6/9 and 7/9 Cloud Catcher Studio | 8/9 and 9/9 Bulb Creative