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Toast Wedding Films

Let’s Toast!

Here’s to creating wedding films that are as unique as you are. To you, for throwing the best damn wedding ever, to remembering the best day of your life until you’re old and grey, and still being blown away every time you watch it. Here’s to making time travel possible.

We’re a small team that calls Queenstown, NZ home but travel to wherever our couples need us. When we first started filming weddings in 2014, we had one clear goal -to stay away from cheesy poses and films that look like Uncle Glen loitered at the back of the room recording for 12 hours straight on his handycam. We love the Uncle Glen’s of the world, but we’d rather capture him tearing up the dance floor than leave him in charge of preserving the memory of one of the most special days of your life.

So whether you’re throwing the party of the century or keeping it close and intimate, we’ll create a film that’s as fun, romantic, elegant, quirky and beautiful as you are!