Van Middleton Photography

Van Middleton Photography

I've always found it difficult writing about my approach to wedding photography. The truth is that photos are not easily distilled into words. You may just as well try to explain to someone how an artist paints, or a comedian tells jokes, or a musician sings.

All of it gets a little bit lost in translation.

And perhaps what we aim to shoot doesn't always end up being what we deliver.

So instead I'll invite you to browse my little gallery here at Together Journal, and – better yet – jump over to my website and spend a few minutes scrolling through my Journal. You'll see my photos there, and right away you'll get a good grasp on my style, and whether it fits your own aesthetic. I think (hope) that you'll find the images fairly simple and natural, with a little bit of an artistic bent here and there. For me it's about flow, and story, and emotion.

In any case, feel free to grab a glass of wine and browse my site, and don't be afraid to get in touch and ask for a quote. I travel all the time, all around the world, so nothing is too far or too soon, and I'm always open for a chat.

Hopefully I'll see you soon :)

Tugun, QLD 4223

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