Love looks a little different these days. COVID-19 has brought about worldwide uncertainty. But one sure fact is that love burns stronger than ever. It will always be an undeniable force that can shine through even the toughest times.

Two creative women who are well aware of this are Together Journal founder and editor Greta Kenyon and Zoe & Morgan co-founder, Zoe Williams. For both, working in the wedding industry means being privy to many inspiring love stories. Both creatives believe love and life’s special moments should be celebrated, especially now.

So as Together Journal reaches its 20th issue milestone, it is a no-brainer to celebrate with a platinum ring giveaway designed by Zoe & Morgan. With Greta running one of the world’s favourite wedding magazines and Zoe co-evolving an iconic jewellery brand, it was a perfect fit. (Enter the competition here)

Zoe & Morgan know all about embracing special relationships. The family business was launched in 2005 by siblings Morgan, Zoe and Ruth, who had been introduced to the world of jewellery by their goldsmith father, Douglas Sibbald.

Having just opened a new store in Newmarket, renovated their City Works Depot store and cele- brated its reopening in June, this label is proof that a brand can continually evolve while sticking to its original ethos.

Greta has always been a fan. “Zoe & Morgan were one of those first brands I asked to come on board Together Journal and they’ve been strong supporters ever since,” she says.

“I’ve always loved their unique style of jewellery. All my special jewellery comes from them. They’ve always been so open about their story, their family and kids — I felt like I could relate to that. As I got to know them, I realised just how authentic their story is.”

The two creatives have been on parallel paths, watching their businesses and families thrive, and over time, it has become clear just how important it is to support each other’s successes.

“We’re both dedicated mothers, supporters of our industry, and passionate about our businesses,” Zoe says. “We’re delighted to be celebrating the 20th edition of Together Journal with Greta by collaborating with one special couple to craft a bespoke platinum wedding band for their wedding.”

Platinum is the perfect symbol for an eternal relationship — it marks where you’ve been and where you will go together. “Platinum is a precious silver-grey metal found naturally in the Earth’s crust,” Zoe explains. “Its name is derived from the Spanish word platina, meaning ‘little silver’. Platinum has a resistance to tarnishing and its weight gives it a lovely feeling when worn. A band represents eternity, in the form of a circle, no end and no start. We love to encourage individuality at Zoe & Morgan, so you can define your life based on your personal values and style, and we will create a unique piece to celebrate that. A ring is a lovely daily reminder to choose love, however, that wants to be expressed.”

This collaboration signifies positivity, not just for business but for love and the future. “Be thankful for the special people in your lives, lean into the support from them and capture the joyful times,” Greta says.

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