The newest collection from Zoe & Morgan, Call of the Wild, comes as a gentle reminder to reconnect with our primal nature in a time of busy urban lifestyles. These considered styles have been consciously crafted to integrate into your daily wear with ease, designed to be worn by anyone and ready for you to carry across seasons.

Almost every piece in this collection was carved by hand using traditional ancient Egyptian techniques and the subtle imperfections in the hand-made pieces give a unique and authentic feel. We’ve picked out a few of our favourites to share with you below with styles available in both sterling silver and 22k plated gold…

Anastasia Earrings, Necklace and Ring – featuring vivid green Chrome Diopside stones from Siberia in Russia, representing spring leaves and life unfurling while beautiful Brazilian Pink Tourmalines radiate tones of love and warmth.

Heart Rays Earrings, Necklace and Ring

Vera Earrings

Natalya Ring

Lockets & Pendants – an old favourite theme of antique and ancient coins, channeling the subtle beauty of imperfection that comes from hand work. The animals featured in this collection represent cherished qualities like the loyalty of the swallow who travels far and always returns home to its nest, and the wise serpent full of ancient knowledge and power.

These pieces layer beautifully, Zoe & Morgan have returned to an old favourite theme of antique and ancient coins. Channeling the subtle beauty of imperfection that comes from hand work, the coins have an ancient look but a modern feel. Signets and medallions are two of the oldest forms of jewellery and have been worn by both men and women alike for thousands of years, Zoe & Morgan have honoured this by making the collection in both mens and women’s sizes.

Designed to be worn by anyone, these neutral pieces are ready for you to wear now and will also transcend the seasons.

Shop the new Call of the Wild collection on the Zoe & Morgan website here, or visit their instagram here.

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