A world-first for Emma Lewisham, leading the way

Emma Lewisham is officially the world’s first carbon positive beauty brand and also the world’s first 100% circular-designed product range.

After three years of research and development as well as establishing a team of experts, Emma Lewisham’s eponymous skincare brand made a splash into the market in 2019. Since then, she has gone from strength to strength, releasing a considered, highly effective and coveted skincare suite.

We know Emma, and have watched her grow; and so it’s with a slightly dewy eye and an enormous amount of pride, that we bring you the story of how Emma Lewisham is officially the world’s first carbon-positive beauty brand with a 100 percent circular-designed product range. Emma is a true professional, humble of her success and as hard working as she is passionate about making beautiful, safe products that will facilitate global change.

And we have also been users of her product collection over the years and we can say with hand on our hearts that we love using her products, they feel good to use and they are effective regulars within our own beauty routines. In particular we are big fans of the Skin Reset Serum the Super Natural 72 Hour Crème and the Illuminating Oil Cleanser – but we recommend trying the others too.

Sustainability is one of the core values behind beauty brand, Emma Lewisham. Founder Emma Lewisham set out to set a new benchmark in beauty; To provide skincare that has a positive impact on your skin, your wellbeing and your planet. This is a brand that believes the future of beauty is where brands take ownership of what happens to their packaging at the end of its life.

All of the products created by this brand are circular designed, with the intention of being refillable which is a world first. But beyond that? they take ownership of everything they produce, by taking back all of their used packaging to ensure that it is either reused or is recycled through the ‘Emma Lewisham Beauty Circle’ partnership.

And in the spirit of collaboration and a hope for a greener more sustainable future, Emma Lewisham is is going against the grain and publicly sharing all of its blueprints for a carbon positive and circular designed model, industry-wide to show beauty brands globally how it’s possible and why it’s fundamental for future generations to come.

The beauty industry currently produces 120 billion units of waste every year, with the majority of this being non-recycled, but, on a mission to turn that all around is beauty brand Emma Lewisham who is now recognised as the world’s first carbon-positive beauty brand and also the world’s first 100% circular-designed product range, a huge achievement for a small New Zealand business!

Circular beauty is so effective that if beauty brands got on board, they could lower their carbon emissions by 70%.

And Emma’s actions are being noticed. This bold move has been backed by Dr Jane Goodall, the first business from Aotearoa/New Zealand that she has personally endorsed.

Emma has now shared all intellectual property surrounding the achievement of a circular and carbon positive model with beauty brands around the world on emmalewisham.com/beauty-blueprint

The blueprint includes refill designs, sterilising processes, recycling and returns processes, packaging supplier connections, take back procedures and carbon calculation guides. From today, all brands have access to Emma Lewisham’s extensive research, processes and innovations.

To us, this is a brand who not only produces effective natural based skincare but one who truly cares about the future of our earth. To offer all access to the blueprints free of charge is leading change with honest and true intentions.

If one young New Zealand businesswoman with steadfast ideals can make it work, maybe all the big established beauty brands could follow her lead?

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