When a stationery expert meets a wedding authority, organisational magic happens. Introducing the 2022 version of the Together Journal x An Organised Life Wedding Planner. All your dreams, details and dates in one beautiful book and your mind at rest. This iconic collaboration betweenAn Organised Life and Together Journal has been newly released even better than before. The 2022 version of the wedding planner contains: Extra pages for notes and…


No, but really, who is Elijah you ask? Well, Elijah is our latest discovery and he comes in the form of five mysterious and seductively packaged scents that entice and blur the line between masculine and feminine. We took home…


Crane Brothers is excited to announce their Autumn Winter 2022 collection. Launching alongside their new Ponsonby Boutique, the collection builds on the brand’s tailoring heritage with an expansive new offering, as showcased by the season’s campaign by Karen Inderbitzen-Waller. Built…

Aashna + Theshi

When we first met we thought we couldn’t be more different but as time went on, we realised that besides not sharing a mutual love for maths, we had a lot in common... Tell us a little about yourselves, what…

Jemima & Craig

I’m an arts therapist in private practice and Craig is a sense rugby coach and learning support assistant at a special school. True to modern romance, we met online and liked each other straight away. We’ve been together for six…


“I was still in high school and Tom was a bit older than me, but from first sight we both knew there was something different about each other. We knew it would be a bit weird to start dating while…


As we move into the Autumn months let us introduce you to a potent and hydrating eye serum from our friends at Aesop which will also aid in evening out skin tone after the happy but harsh summer months. Let…


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The Facialist - Facial in a Box

The Facialist sought after Facial in a Box makes a limited, seasonal return and we got to try it! When this delightful little curated box of skincare turned up at our office we were so impressed. Everything felt so thoughtful…


Van Cleef & Arpels SANTAL BLANC N°2694IFG

Van Cleef & Arpels is best known for its luxury jewellery, so it stands to reason that this perfume is an absolute gem... Apt for the traditional bride, it plays with the impressions conjured by the colour white. Themes of…


Minimal Fashion Bridal Looks

With smaller and more intimate weddings on the rise, we have noticed an increasing trend of brides wearing more minimal and simple outfits often dressed up with gorgeous accessories and sparkling jewels. So, we thought we would share a few…

Bride & Bloom

Issue 15

Why be a shrinking violet when you can go all out on your floral display? Take a leaf out of this feature wall, for instance.

The most beautiful of print features in our latest issue by

Bayly & Moore + Floral Stylist Co. 

Georgina & Hamish

Georgina + Hamish by Kate Roberge

Tell us a little about yourselves, what you do, what you love… GM: I’m a Fashion Buyer & Hamish works in construction management. We live in Auckland, and both enjoy getting outdoors for walks / hikes, relaxing at the beach,…


Lauren + Mark by Stephan and Nakita

I wanted our wedding to have the formality of a special occasion, but with the relaxed feel of a family gathering. I’m obsessed with simple classic style where nothing unnecessary is added. Alex – I’m a little obsessed with business, and…

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Best of Green Jewels

A curated collection of stunning green jewels from some of our favourite jewellers. Whether it's emerald, green sapphire, green tourmaline or green amethyst, green jewels are fast becoming a popular pick, and for good reason. They're modern elegant and bold.…


Dove Hospice & Wellness X Karen Walker

One of our favourite initiatives is back for winter, the much-loved Dove Hospice & Wellness x Karen Walker pop-up. From Friday the 1st of July until Sunday the 3rd of July, or while stock lasts, Karen Walker will host a…

TF-FIAB-Winter-Glow-Square (1)

The Facialist: Winter Glow Facial in a Box

The Facialist’s sought-after Facial in a Box has made a limited, seasonal return! If your skin is suffering this winter, this is the perfect way to restore your glow. Each season, the team at The Facialist create a customised Facial…

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Best of Green Jewels

A curated collection of stunning green jewels from some of our favourite jewellers. Whether it's emerald, green sapphire, green tourmaline or green amethyst, green jewels are fast becoming a popular pick, and for good reason. They're modern elegant and bold.…

An Al Fresco Wedding
Flora + Styling

An Al Fresco Styled Shoot by Kate Roberge

An al fresco long lunch, inspired by the Central Otago Autumn and this stunning private estate highlighting good food, great champagne and basking in the afternoon sunlight with your loved ones. The warmth of Dunedin’s Autumn resonates throughout this dreamy…


Honeymoon - Portugal

Picture you both basking on cliff-fringed beaches, ambling arm in arm along cobbled lanes, joining the fray at lively festivals, admiring incredible history, art and architecture. That’s Portugal, bordered by Spain on two sides and the Atlantic Ocean on the…


Good Gold

WE'RE SIGGY, LAUREL AND ASH HILTON. WE STARTED THIS BUSINESS WITH THE GOAL OF MAKING THE WORLD'S MOST ETHICAL WEDDING RING. Siggy and Ash are brother and sister. Laurel and Ash are married. Siggy and Laurel are BFF's. We're a true family business. We've been working together for almost 20 years over at Ash Hilton Jewellery where we've made more 10,000 wedding rings for lovely people all over the world. We wanted to take everything we learned from each of those rings and distill it down to it's most simple, elegant and ethical form. This is how we came up with Good Gold.

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