Fashion Earrings for Brides

Bridal earrings can truly elevate and finish your ensemble.

With such a diverse range of styles out there, we’ve done the legwork to bring you a fabulous selection from some of our favourite jewellery designers. Whether you’re into bold, chunky gold pieces or prefer something delicate and petite, we’ve got you covered. Why not add a nod to tradition in a modern way with a hint of blue or classic pearl drops? There’s something here to suit every bridal vibe. Plus, you might just stumble upon a few pieces perfect for jazzing up your look beyond the big day – think chic everyday elegance or special occasions with the perfect finishing touch.

Amelie George

AMÉLIE GEORGE emerged in 2018 as a breathtaking collection of jewellery tailored for the contemporary bride. Its inception was the brainchild of Sarah Turner Woolfrey and Alison Clouston, dear friends united by their love for enduring graceful designs. Reflecting the nuances of womanhood—a tapestry woven with both brightness and depth, tradition and innovation—the brand serves as a homage to femininity’s myriad facets.

Guided by an appreciation for organic allure and whimsical nuances, every creation within the AMÉLIE GEORGE line is meticulously fashioned to encapsulate the spirit of today’s bride.

Pictured: Imogen, Nova, Zoey, Maleny, Bella, Olympia and Imogen earrings.

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Dean & Dust

Dean & Dust stands as a beacon of exquisite craftsmanship and innovative design, born from the partnership of best friends Gina Dean and Zara Windust. With a deep bond, shared adoration for design, and an unwavering passion for crafting beautiful jewellery, they’ve realised their dream of bringing to life creations they longed to see in the world.

Pictured: Grande Pearl Drop Earrings, Petite Corde Hoops & Milieu Baroque Pearl Charm, Grande Corde Hoops & Milieu Baroque Pearl Charm, Grande Pearl Drop Earrings

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Lola Knight

In late 2019, LOLAKNIGHT was introduced to the world by designer Emma Knight, aiming to offer women globally meticulously crafted, luxurious handmade jewellery and accessories. Designed in Australia and meticulously crafted by skilled international artisans, each piece embodies quality and sophistication.

Pictured: Edie earrings, Bowie earrings, Ayla earrings, Callie earrings, Oceane earrings, Aria earrings.

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Karen Walker Jewellery

Karen Walker’s eccentrically elegant style has established a stellar international following for her ready-to-wear, eyewear, jewellery, bags and fragrance. See below our current favourite picks from her jewellery collection for bridal and occasion earrings.

Pictured Long love x 2, Runaway girl with pearl, Cupiods wings, Binding love x 2,

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Kate & Kole

In 2015, Kate & Kole emerged from the collaborative vision of two friends, Sara and Maddy, united by their passion for crafting sustainable, high-quality, design-driven fine jewelry. Originating as a humble side project in a home studio in Newcastle, it has blossomed into a renowned Australian-based ring concierge and jewellery brand. Today, Kate & Kole offers signature collections, bespoke engagement and wedding suites, and personalized jewellery design services.

Pictured: Gold drop earrings and Freshwater baroque pearl earrings

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Sisters & Co

Nestled in the picturesque Mount Maunganui, Sisters & Co stands as a premier fashion destination, offering an exquisite selection from some of the globe’s most sought-after designers. With over 50 esteemed New Zealand and international brands, this high-end department store curates a refined collection that caters to discerning tastes and is undoubtedly New Zealand’s finest fashion destination.

Earrings by Meadowlark, La Tribe earrings, Paco Rabanne earrings, Tityaravy earrings all from Sistres & Co.

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Zoe & Morgan

Zoë, Morgan, and Ruth spent their childhood in the serene landscapes of the English countryside before embarking on a sea voyage with their family to New Zealand. Along the way, they explored captivating destinations like Japan, Panama, Tahiti, and Jamaica.

Upon settling in Devonport on the North Shore, their father Douglas, a skilled silver and goldsmith, established a shop named Moonbird. It was within this familial setting that the siblings developed a deep reverence for the artistry and intricacies of craftsmanship, observing firsthand as their father meticulously crafted cherished pieces of beauty and sentiment.

Pictured: Sunshine Earrings, ew Drop Earrings, Shine On Earrings, Keshi Pearl Earrings, Mini Anahata Earrings, Shining Heart Earrings-

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Queen of the Foxes

Created and curated by Lindi Kingi, Queen of the Foxes emerges as the premier hub for women in search of chic, adaptable jewelry and accessories. Catering from refined daytime elegance to evening allure, our brand ensures a seamless journey through evolving tastes and stages of life, honouring the enduring elegance inherent in every woman.

Pictured: Rouched pearl earrings, The Perfect Huggie Earrings.

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Pollen & Plume


Alison Moncrief, a British-born designer, specializes in crafting handmade wedding accessories tailored for the modern romantic. Infused with a contemporary flair, Alison’s creations boast couture-quality craftsmanship, perfect for the discerning new bride. Utilizing an eclectic array of materials, such as hand-veined silk petals, Swarovski crystals, etched bead caps, and ostrich feathers, each piece is meticulously crafted with care and love.

Pictured: Carlotta Earrings, Cosmo Earrings, Willow Earrings.

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The Meadowlark narrative unfolds as a tale of love and collaboration, woven by the creative spirits of co-founders and life partners Claire Hammon and Greg Fromont. Originating from a humble makeshift workbench in their Auckland residence, the journey of Meadowlark mirrors their shared ardour for art, the natural world, globetrotting adventures, and the enchanting artistry of jewellery crafting.

Pictured: Anemone earrings x2, Florence hoop earrings, Vita Drop Earrings

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Temple of the Sun

Established in 2014, Temple of the Sun materializes from the joint vision of the creative duo Yonna Derofe and Darren Gallant. Born from their shared enthusiasm for antiquities, archaeology, and exploration, Temple of the Sun jewellery surpasses fleeting trends and seasonal shifts. Instead, it encapsulates the enduring allure of ancient craftsmanship and symbology, echoing the timeless essence of bygone eras.

Baroque Earrings, Baye Earrings, Kasia Earrings, Vault Earrings.

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Monarc Jewellery

At Monarc, their ethos revolves around crafting exquisite pieces with meticulous attention to detail and craftsmanship. Thier designs boast fluid lines, a contemporary yet timeless aesthetic, and a sense of discipline. More than just accessories, Monarc creations transcend age and gender, seeking to empower a community united by a profound emotional attachment to jewellery. Rooted in intimacy and thoughtful consideration, they believe that Monarc embodies a philosophy that extends beyond mere commerce.

Pictured: Oura Link Hoop Earring, Oura Pearl Stud Earring, Remie Huggie Hoop & Pearl Charms, The Anita 2-in-1 Earrings.

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Ivy Shores

Founded by Katrina, Ivy Shores caters to women who cherish quality, timeless, and adaptable pieces of jewelry. With a dedicated emphasis on highlighting the unparalleled beauty of natural gemstones, particularly pearls, Ivy Shores crafts each piece with care and precision in Tamworth, Australia.

Pictured: Statement hoops, Shae Earrings, Tessa Earrings x 2

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And a wee round-up of mixed brands below…

1/ Aphrodite Huggies from @_pamu_store 2. Spiral earrings by Brie Leon from Paperplane Store @paperplanestore 3. Pearl drops by / @lussostore / Diamond Chain earrings by / @hardybrothers