Acqua di Parma Colonia Sandalo

Fancy art deco bottle: check. Rich, luxurious smell: check. Being lucky enough to get a whiff of this fragrance before it hits store: double-check! You can say Acqua di Parma’s Colonia Sandalo is a scent for the gents, but ladies should definitely not shy away. Its freshness and citrus components can make this one fragrance that a groom can wear on his wedding day, and his bride can do the very same. How memorable!
Greta Kenyon, our Editor shares with us her positive thoughts on Colonia Sandalo…

This cologne landed on my desk a couple of months aga and we profieled it in issue 14. I still have it on my desk and I haven’t been able to resist a sneak smell or two throughout the day and even the odd day of wearing it too. It’s lovely, spicy, and fresh and I love the woodiness. Colonia Sandalo is such a unique addition to the Acqua di Parma collection.  It’s an East Asian wood that I’ve never sampled before, it harmonizes so well with the bergamot and lemon, and then you get that creative contrast of lavender and amber woven into the whole experience. Any bride or groom would revel in smelling this on their betrothed. And its not just for men, a woman in love with these scents can definitely try her hand at wearing this. It’s luxurious and feeling luxurious knows no boundaries.

Dive in further into Acqua di Parma’s Colonia Sandalo…

The fresh, citrus notes of Colonia merge with rich, creamy sandalwood to produce a surprising and intriguing scent. An original reinterpretation of the iconic Acqua di Parma perfume, Colonia Sandalo is the new and luxurious Eau de Cologne Concentrée.

The fragrance retains all the tradition of Colonia, introducing an element of surprise through harmonious contrasts. The sunny clarity of citrus fruits and the refined opulence of this precious East Asian wood combine to create a sophisticated, intense Eau de Cologne Concentrée. An impeccable prelude to the original elegance of the base, where the precious, creamy balsamic notes of Indian sandalwood are enhanced by warm accents of tonka bean and amber.

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Colonia Sandalo is packaged in the iconic Art Deco bottle, in colours that run through the entire collection: a deep brown for the bottle made from the clearest glass and for the stopper, with light bronze satin highlights for the label. Every detail, material and workmanship reflect the Italian craftsmanship that has always distinguished every Acqua di Parma creation. It would make the perfect luxurious gift.