Best of – 16 Modern Coloured Engagement Rings

Colour is threading its way through all elements of weddings and one area we are most excited about is jewellery. Have you considered a coloured stone for your engagement ring? Our editor has curated a selection of her favourite coloured engagement rings to show you what is possible…

Below you will see a collection of delightful coloured stone engagement rings from Australasia’s most reputable modern jewellers. When it comes to coloured stones the options can be endless and they all look stunning accompanied by diamonds…

McClurg’s Jewellers

Are you noticing couples opting for coloured stones more, and if so, what are the most popular choices? 

We have seen coloured sapphires being very popular as a centre stone. Yellows, pinks and green parti sapphires for engagement rings are usually paired with side diamonds. 

Sapphires are second only to diamonds on the MOHS hardness scale which make them perfect for an engagement ring. Strength and durability should be considered when choosing a coloured gemstone, especially for people who enjoy outdoor sports and gardening. 

Pictured from McClurg’s:

  1. Marquise green sapphire ring
  2. Iris tourmaline ring
  3. Sunrise ring – yellow sapphire
  4. Katie ring – a vibrant peach sapphire

Zoe & Morgan

What are your favourite coloured stones to work with? 

I’m a huge fan of green sapphire. The spectrum of greens that fall under the gemology label of green sapphire is actually huge! All green stones are beautiful, but sapphires are lovely to work with for their durability and shapes. We are currently working with cutting from a rough material, and the process is really fun, as you have a general idea of the shapes you would like to work with but the natural material also dictates the final call. 

Are you noticing couples opting for coloured stones more, and if so, what are the most popular choices? 

Zoe; We seem to attract couples who love nature, and adventure, and so we’ve been working with coloured stones as Modern Love symbols for years. I find this really exciting, as I love traditions and history, but I’m fired up by customers choosing materials that feel right for them. Owning their decisions on style and ethos. There has been a huge shift in our community saving and sharing all of our Instagram images with soft greens and peach colours. 

Pictured from Zoe & Morgan below…

1. Fidem Amare rainbow sapphire rings

2. Fides green sapphire ring

3. Fides oval peach sapphire ring

4. Purple sapphire pear ring

Grew & Co

  1. Group of Pink Sapphires: Icicle + Flora + Banks rings

2. Heady Champagne

3. Rily Salt & Pepper

4. Banks yellow diamond

Karen Walker

  1. Rock Garden Citrine
  2. Euphoria Peach Moonstone ring

Jewellers Workshop

What are your favourite coloured stones to work with? 
There are so many fascinating coloured stones, but my favourite would have to be sapphire! I love the vibrancy and array of colours this precious stone displays; and how the colour subtly shifts in intensity and tone depending on what lighting it’s in. Interestingly, peach and yellow sapphires are always rested in the sunshine for a few days after they come out of the ground; the UV in sunshine interacts with the gem brightening the colour!

Are you noticing couples opting for coloured stones more, and if so, what are the most popular choices? 
Coloured stones have long been selected as tokens of love and commitment, and were popular long before diamonds became the engagement ring ‘of choice’ – which wasn’t until the 1940s. Couples will usually select a colour that speaks to them, reflects their personality, or invokes an emotion, so coloured stones will always have a place in people’s hearts. Sapphire is usually the stone of choice, with a preference in recent years towards nuanced, complex colour blends over primary-type colours – think teal, seafoam or peach. Sapphire is also the next hardest stone after diamond which makes it ideally suited to an engagement or an ‘everyday’ wearing ring!

Pictured below from Jewellers Workshop:

  1. Pink sapphire and diamond Ombre ring
  2. Harper ring – peach sapphire