Bobbi Brown Brows

Its all about the brows. Enhancing your natural brow shape is the best way to frame this seasons beauty look and the Perfectly Defined Long Wearing Brow Pencil from Bobbi Brown is the tool for the job…

The pencil has a slanted, chiselled top which guarantees precision and enables you to create just the right amount of definition. The flat edge allows you to softly fill in the head of the brow and then the pointed tip can be used to create delicate strokes across the arch and tail of the brow to give a natural polished and defined look.

Then the spoolie at the adjacent end to the pencil allows you to distribute and blend the colour to create a more even and natural result. It also neatly combs the brow hairs into place, eliminatimng stray hairs to ensure your looks stays elevated and polished.

And this pencil can be refilled with pencil refills cutting down on unnecessary waste.


The pencil formula is also wear-resistant meaning its waterproof and stands up to high temperatures and perspiration damage.

To remove we recommend using The Bobbi Brown soothing cleansing oil (one of our favourite cleansing oils) pictured below with the pencil.

And to keep the skin around you eyes refreshed and rejuvenated we love to apply Extra Eye Repair Cream also from Bobbi Brown. This rich cream combats dark circles, wrinkles and puffiness around the eye area creating the perfect canvas for well-defined statement brows.

Simply dab the cream lightly around the eye area morning and evening to keep skin hydrated. The eye cream works beautifully alongside the Vitamin Enriched Face Base by Bobbi Brown (a best seller) which acts as both a primer and a moisturiser to aid with smooth makeup application, both softening and cushioning the skin. It smells beautiful due to the uplifting infusion of geranium and grapefruit scents and it keeps skin fresh and hydrated. It also boosts your skins natural collagen levels and creates a moisture barrier to protect from the risk of skin drying out.

So there you have it, four beautiful products by Bobbi Brown designed to keep your skin looking radiant, natural and fresh ensuring it is the perfect base to set off hero brows.